Friday Night Fright – November 3rd

I hope you all had a wicked Halloween, filled with plenty of scares, booze, food and fun. Although Friday the 13th may have passed, as has Halloween, this does not mean the scares have to come to an end. So after spending Halloween watching some new horror’s that i had yet to have watched (The House That October Built), it is only right that this week we fill these recommendations in honor of our final installment of our latest series and watch some classics. So grab some friends and don’t let the party end. Enjoy!

Horror Buffs:  Videodrome (1983) – Whilst many of the great directors of the 70’s-80’s were working on the era of slashers, Cronenberg was out on his own making some of the most memorable and unique horror movies of his generation. Videodrome is exactly one of these.This extraordinary horror centers itself around a sleazy TV programmer who engages with one real bizarre station that rocks his world. An under the radar film that is both enjoyable and bizarre.


Beginners: The Birds (1963) –  It may not be as scary now as it was back then, but this iconic ‘monster’ movie is pure genius. Hitchcock has a wonderful way of intimidating audiences without the need for exuberant props or graphics (despite the birds) or jump scares, his deliverance of the plot is what makes this a classic movie.


Casual Fans: Halloween (1978) – It’s only right that the very movie that represented this week is here. If you are left wondering what the fuss is about after your party, then grab some friends and treat yourself to this stalker slasher film that is potentially the most iconic and greatest slasher film of all time.


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