Friday Night Fright – August 18th

Due to some research i carried out this week in relation to some of the scariest movies ever created (for the purpose of doing an upcoming list (stay tuned)), this weeks recommendations will all be scary in one way or another. Make sure to have a buddy for this week.

Horror Buffs: The Orphanage (2007) – This Spanish gem by the original name of El Orfanato went under the radar for majority of English speaking countries due to it’s non English audio, unfortunately this made itself a victim of it’s own beauty. Regardless of the need for subtitles if you do not speak the language, this dark and sinister horror will stick with you. It is utter terrifying and very individualistic in it’s directing. A real indie surprise for many that skipped over it.


Beginners: The Descent (2005) – A group of girls embark on a rock-climbing adventure through a vacant cave, and what do you know, it turns horribly wrong. Despite the premise and plot not surprising in any way shape or form, the claustrophobia and exuberant scares throughout the film will keep you gripping tight to your pillow/drink/lover/dog. This is action horror that all fans need to watch, as it has been claimed to be one of the scariest movies ever created, and one of the best horror films of the 21st century.


Casual Fans: Evil Dead (2013) – I know it’s game to challenge the idea that originals are always better, but Fede Alvarez did an amazing job to remake a cult classic and the original of one of the greatest horror franchises in history. With an update in effects and acting, Bruce Campbell would even be proud of how well this remake was done. Fast, some jump scares, classic horror tropes and a bunch of gore, this splatter/supernatural horror will provide some great in movie scares. This non-stop excitement machine is one of my all time favourites, and makes for great group viewing.


Friday Night Fright – August 11

The Dark Tower is upon us. Muschietti’s IT has been creating news almost daily, and every second place i look, Stephen King himself is being honoured. I myself am a fan of the novelist, him producing some of my favourite books. Therefore this week’s recommendations are going to be in similar taste, so lets take a walk down the perilous mind of one of the world’s all time horror writers.


Horror Buffs: Children of the Corn (1984) – Murderous cult of children, isolated farm town, award winning, and directed by a relatively unknown filmmaker at the time (Fritz Kiersch). One of King’s earlier works that didn’t carry as much weight as some of his other big titles has a unique plot that makes this worth a watch. Not over or underrated, but a film nonetheless that is often spoke about in reference but rarely for what it’s worth. Bad-ass liberation for teenage angst.


Beginners: The Shining (1980) – This is a no brainer. Undoubtedly the most well known, fan favourite and received horror adaptation of Stephen King’s work. Although King himself wasn’t impressed with the adaptation, the visual stimuli and the outstanding portrayal of the protagonist by Jack Nicholson is noteworthy.


Casual Fans: 1408 (2007) – With celeb actors in John Cusack and Samuel L Jackson, this fast paced crime/haunting horror has a sound plot and enough of a budget to wow you with it’s appearance for a 2007 film. One of the first cinematic released haunting movies to excite and spook fans.


Friday Night Fright – 4th August

This week i drove through countless frosty mornings laden with thick fog. The darkness that waited for me in my early morning shifts was cold and uninviting. This week as i get away to a secluded beach cabin with my partner, i will be fleeing from the fog. Just like Jamie Lee Curtis did in Carpenter’s masterpiece. I think these suggestions are fitting for those who braved the frost this week.


Horror Buffs: Curtains (1983) – Although I myself am yet to watch this it is on my list, and maybe this Friday i will be joining some of you to watch it. A remarkably low budget horror with a unique story line that encompasses an ice skating killer that has gained a cult following. Renowned as underrated.


Beginners: The Fog (1980) – John Carpenter’s masterpiece that inspired spin offs and a reboot is one of the all time greatest horror movies. Scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis is the main protagonist, and the soundtrack and music that comes in and out with the fog is chilling. A must watch to understand how influential Carpenter has been on the genre.


Casual Fans: The Mist (2007) – The Mist has everything the casual fan wants, it starts quickly, and has a bunch of scares that will keep your heart pumping warm blood through your frozen state. Although it has it’s jump scares, it’s overall more intriguing than terrifying with the sci-fi themes making for a really cool plot. The Mist is effectively a jacked up version of The Fog (1980). Just bare in mind that The Fog will always be better.



Friday Night Fright – July 28th

On the back of another cold week, and with the inspiration and rising stories of tributes following Romero’s passing still flooding the internet, this weeks recommendations are going to stay within the same sub-genre.


Horror Buffs: Rec (2007) – If you claim to be a horror fanatic then you couldn’t have missed this indie sensation, but if you did for some reason or another, please please please take the time this Friday to indulge yourself in this Spanish hand held horror film. The US did what they do and made a poor remake in Quarantine, which should be left to the amateur fans seeking a cheap thrill. If Quarantine and its themes intrigued you, then this film will quench your thirst for scares and do itself justice. One of the best horror films you will ever watch.

Beginners: Re-Animator (1984) – this is a must see for those who have already tackled Romero’s heavyweights. This movie arrived shortly after Dawn of the Dead and took it’s own spin on the new zombie craze of the time.  Stuart Gordon adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s story turned into a cult film due to it’s z-virus and injection of terror that was yet to be seen in the booming sub genre.

Casual Fans: Dead Snow (2009) – This Scandinavian gore fest makes blood melting into ice somewhat mesmeric. A lone cabin in the woods meets Neo-Nazis plot is what this movies’ premise is, and it lives up to what you would imagination. Fun and fast.

Friday Night Fright – July 21st

The weekend has arrived and that means it’s time to have some ‘me time’. Usually for me, that consists of sitting back with a beer or glass of red, some pizza and indulging in a horror flick. Every Friday from now on, I will be putting up a recommendation for horror movie fans of all levels, being the beginners, fanatics and the in-betweens. So, grab some beverages (alcoholic preferred) some food, treats, a love interest (or buddy) and sit back in amazement.

I honour of the late great George A Romero, whose passing this week was saddening to say the least, it is only fitting that the mastermind behind the zombie/apocalypse genre should influence this week’s recommendation. Also, being winter, it is the perfect time to watch something hearty, and often, the limbless and gory go hand in hand. So here are my recommendations for this weekend, enjoy!


Horror Buffs: Battery (2012) – an indie horror flick that flew under the radar due to its drama themes. This horror film is underrated in its storytelling and for fans of this genre, a new angle of zombies are on display here.


Beginners: Night of the Living Dead (1968) or Dawn of the Dead (1978) – Both were created by the master himself, George A Romero, and both are paramount when defining the zombie sub-genre. Both are a must watch if you want to understand further zombie movie influences. And like c’mon, it’s Romero, he’s a fucking god, pay your respects.


General Fans: 28 Days Later (2002) – This film has been acclaimed to be the most well-done zombie movie of all time! That’s right, the majority who have seen 28 Days Later believe this movie is greater than any day, night or dawn of the dead. With a great performance by Cillian Murphy (Peaky Blinders star) and a plenty of scares, this standard zombie apocalypse movie will be a treat for a general fan of the scene due to its bright atmosphere and simple plot.