Friday Night Fright – December 15th

The Golden Globe’s caused a stir in the film industry as a new trailer for the famous Insidious franchise was launched. It was a pretty dull week besides these two announcements. Nothing to see her, get festive and enjoy the recommendations.


Horror Buffs: Jack Frost (1997) – Not an overly great film, but one of the most noteworthy Christmas horror with one of the most infamous festive villains. worth a watch.

Beginners: A Cure For Wellness (2017) – A seemingly unique horror movie, this jacked up version of Shutter Island made for an interesting watch. Despite it’s lengthy feel, the twist, turns and and intensity it brings in crucial scenes makes it worth the watch.

Casual Fans: mother! (2017) – Darren Ofonsoky’s vintage cinematic appeal wrung true in this psychological thriller. Despite the trailers outdoing it’s actual worth, the film was one of the highlights of a mixed year of horror.


Friday Night Fright – December 8th

As we continue to count down the last month of the year, lists of greatest films of the year and continual announcements about 2018 horror will be the main ingredients for this blog.  It is a quiet time on the horror net outside of trailer releases, so without further ado, here is this weeks recommendations.


Horror Buffs: The Blackcoat’s Daughter ( 2017) – A somewhat forgotten release this year, The Blackcoat’s Daughter only gained traction once people realised that it was a much better film then those previous released earlier in the year. It’s internet growth was tumultuous once people tuned their heads in to how good this film is. The blockbuster ending makes this movie, but what keeps the flame burning from start to finish is the amazing performance by underrated horror star, Emma Roberts.


Beginners: Black Christmas (1974) – The only reputable Christmas movie to have reached any form of recognition as a genuine classic horror film. One of the very first slashers, this Christmas movie has similar pretences to Prom Night and Halloween. A must see to tick off all the ground-breaking slashers of the 70’sand 80’s.


Casual Fans: Gerald’s Game (2017) – Just one of the many scintillating Stephen King inspired horror movies of 2017, and personally we think the best. Although not entirely just one for the casual fan, as it is very integral to horror going forward and horror literature, this psychological horror is so disturbing yet so intriguing you are in to minds to look away in horror or keep watching. The film is directed so well and the screenplay makes this practically real time horror very fun to watch with someone.

Friday Night Fright – December 1

As the last month of the year arrives, the theme for fright nights will be 2017 recaps and holiday themed movies. It’s been a glorious year but it’s time to wrap it all up. This week in the horror-verse we were privy to news about next years plans both TV and film. Enjoy.


Horror Buffs: Holidays (2015)  – Many holiday/Christmas horror movies are anthology based, and why not, it is such a unique direction for horror centring it’s themes around certain holidays. So traversing between different times and dates with as many scares as possible sounds nothing short of a smart idea. This film delivers on that, proving to be one of the better anthology films.


Beginners: IT (2017) – The most anticipated horror film of 2017. The remake of the mini-series which took the breath of teens in the 80’sand 90’s lived up to the inconceivable hype. The remake is a fresh and diverse take on the original that has plenty of new scenes plus plethora of nostalgic hits so fans of the iconic original will be impressed.


Casual fans: Annabelle: Creation (2017) – As most casual horror fans do, they latch on to any possession/haunting big budget horror film released year after year. The Conjuring series, despite being one of those isn’t JUST a contemporary horror series, it’s much more diverse and has some genuine scares unlike many of the 2010’s supernatural horror films. This origins story has plenty of scares and will keep you and a group of friends entertained form minute one.


Friday Night  Fright  – November 24th

Slow news week but a flurry of new trailers became apparent and/or were released. There is a heap of exciting movies coming to us in 2018 and with that at the moment news, posters and trailers are the only news bouncing around. It has been another scorching week here in Oz and considering the recent remakes and sequels of big films, i.e Jigsaw, Leatherface, Flatliners and the news surrounding the newest Halloween movie this week we will be showcasing some of the better remakes and sequels.


Horror Fans: Hostel II (2007) – The original Hostel with it’s award winning director is often well documented, yet the sequel which is surprisingly better is often dismissed or even not watched based on the assumptions surrounding it’s lack of originality. It may follow a similar path, but I bet you, Hostel II will impress you more than its precursor.


Beginners: Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter (1984) – My favourite Friday the 13th film by far. Jason is back to his destructive best, it’s the conclusion of a great series, and the film ties in purposefully all that has occurred. Not to mention some of the acting for its time is quite good. Must watch if you want to brush up on the series as a collective.


Casual fans: Halloween (2007) – Rob Zombie has a signature way of creating horror, it’s brash, bizarre, colourful and in your face. This remake which is much like his other works is super charged and intense. A great watch fi you want a revamped and similar plotline to the original ground-breaking film of the same name.

Friday Night Fright – November 17th

This week we have no exact influence for Fright Night, so below will be some of our favourite movies that we haven’t suggested so far. It was a reasonably lax week  for horror, as the bulk of anticipated horror movies of 2017 have been released and ran their course in the media. In saying that, this week a great list was released online with a plethora of horror short films, so if you haven’t watched one before and are a fan of horror go see the best short horror films floating the net at the moment. Short films are highly underrated and usually contain the best bits of horror films in a exciting condensed version. Anyway, below are some of our favourite horror movies ever, enjoy!


Horror Buffs: The House That October Built (2014) – Totally raw in it’s production and storyline, this hand-held film is as creepy as they come. Hillbilly’s, haunted houses, torture and disturbing scenes. This Halloween film was my choice for this years festivities and I was blown away with how well the idea translated to the big screen. If you like road tripping friends searching for the ultimate scare, then this is no doubt the film for you .


Beginners: I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) – Much like the film below, this iconic horror film is full of mainstays and actors/actresses who stared during the late 90’s and early naughties, such as Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinz Jnr. A film that was used as inspiration, or mocked, in the very first Scary Movie, this is one of the main franchises and most well known slasher films of the late naughties. One of the most memorable horror films of the 90’s as well.


Casual Fans: House Of Wax (2005) – This standard mysterious teen slasher boasts a stellar cast for horror film standards, i.e Jared Padelecki, Chad Michael Murray and Paris Hilton and not to mention some mainstays of the genre (Damon Herriman). Although a remake that doesn’t necessarily jump out as unique or diversifying, it is full of classic tropes that will not disappoint, making it a lock for entertainment and not a chance of being a let down. Not overly scary but the intrigue behind the wax house and it’s ghost town is a cool enough plot to keep you guessing.

Friday Night Fright – November 10

This week Jigsaw was seen, (review is on the way shortly) news surrounding some big hitters next year was released and a list on my personal favourite genre, the hand held scene was compiled. All in all it has been a successful week of horror watching during the hangover from Halloween. So below in relation to this weeks list, these movies will all be found-footage sort related films.


Horror Buffs: The Poughkeepsie tapes (2007) – A topical choice as the film was recently released in many countries. If you had the chance to illegally watch it already like us, then good on you. Yet now with it available, this documentary type horror is all kinds of batshit crazy and disturbing. If you want something that seems almost too real, this is for you.


Beginners: Paranormal Activity (2007) – This spot is interchangeable with The Blair Witch Project, but we constantly push that film here, and it isn’t the only significant POV film. Paranormal Activity is without a doubt the most decorated franchise of this genre and it is, although publically divided, or more so subjectively viewed, one of the scariest franchises of all time. The original is a must see if you want to go through the whole franchise.


Casual fans: Cloverfield (2008) – Although not strictly a horror, or by our means anyway, this high budget box office thriller has been viewed by millions and ranked as potentially the best handheld horror by societal standards. An easy watch with plenty of creepy scenes for those real horror fans.

Friday Night Fright – November 3rd

I hope you all had a wicked Halloween, filled with plenty of scares, booze, food and fun. Although Friday the 13th may have passed, as has Halloween, this does not mean the scares have to come to an end. So after spending Halloween watching some new horror’s that i had yet to have watched (The House That October Built), it is only right that this week we fill these recommendations in honor of our final installment of our latest series and watch some classics. So grab some friends and don’t let the party end. Enjoy!

Horror Buffs:  Videodrome (1983) – Whilst many of the great directors of the 70’s-80’s were working on the era of slashers, Cronenberg was out on his own making some of the most memorable and unique horror movies of his generation. Videodrome is exactly one of these.This extraordinary horror centers itself around a sleazy TV programmer who engages with one real bizarre station that rocks his world. An under the radar film that is both enjoyable and bizarre.


Beginners: The Birds (1963) –  It may not be as scary now as it was back then, but this iconic ‘monster’ movie is pure genius. Hitchcock has a wonderful way of intimidating audiences without the need for exuberant props or graphics (despite the birds) or jump scares, his deliverance of the plot is what makes this a classic movie.


Casual Fans: Halloween (1978) – It’s only right that the very movie that represented this week is here. If you are left wondering what the fuss is about after your party, then grab some friends and treat yourself to this stalker slasher film that is potentially the most iconic and greatest slasher film of all time.