Carpenter is baaaaaack!

John Carpenter seems to be working hard in 2017. This is evident with his new 2 TV show deal reported earlier this year, one called Tales For A Halloween Night and the other, Nightside. On top of this, news surfacing this week indicates he is working on another new show on top of these 2. This show is untitled and relatively in the dark still, but a former partner and X-Men and X-Men 2 writer, David Hayter is going to be working closely with Carpenter to create it.

BUT WAIT! There is more, Carpenter is back and working but oh no, he isn’t just back working, he will take his rightful throne once again, the directors chair.

More to come.

New season of ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ to uncover a lot of mythos

Why is Ash the chosen one? This is a question that seems to hang above every fan of this TV show’s head. Hopefully this will be answered by the end of the upcoming season of the show.

Star of the show, Bruce Campbell leaked on an interview with Dread Central last week that this season is going to be much different to the last two, and a lot of answers will be uncovered. ‘Nothing will be the same’ are his exact words, and the origins and depth of Ash as a character will become clearer to the general fans.

SO hang in there till early next year fans, because that’s when you’ll be lucky enough to learn why Ash really is the chosen one.


Anya Taylor-Joy keeps the dream team alive, joining cast of Nosferatu

Robert Eggers hit indie of 2016, The Witch, will go down as one of the most masterful and authentic paranormal movies to exits, let alone one of the greatest takes on England in that period of time. I’m not saying this because i am fan, even though i loved The Witch, read anywhere, or go watch it yourself if you don’t believe me, it will wow you. What is more exciting than this is that since then we have been wondering what the great director will tackle next, and now we know, Nosferatu.

Nosferatu, the great silent Dracula film of the 1920’s and maybe the first ever horror movie to become popular and noteworthy, Eggers is aiming to create something  original yet still pays homage to the trailblazing horror movie. But he can’t do it without the star of his last movie, Anya Taylor-Joy. Taylor-Joy was superb in her conflicting role in Eggers 2016 hit, and now knowing she has re-teamed with Eggers, this remake may very much be one of those rarities, the remakes that outdo their originals.

Top 10 Stephen King Film adaptations

Stephen King is universally known as the literary king of horror. Not all his horror books have become horror movies, with his cinematic world ranging from dramas, to horror, and stopping in between with thrillers. Although privy to straight horror here at All Things Horror with rare mentions of other genres, today i will be ranking  King’s work regardless of genre on the eve of his newest instalment, The Dark Tower.

10. Christine (1983)


9. Pet Sematary (1989)


8. The Dead Zone (1983)


7. Misery (1990)


6. Green Mile (1999)


5. 1408 (2007)


4. Stand By Me (1986)


3. Carrie (1976)


2. The Shinning (1980)


1. Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Upcoming horror remakes and their movements

Whether it is due to the fact that the lake of imagination is drying up, or some significant money is found in remakes, more and more horror greats and ageless films are being recreated within the new realm of horror. Here is a list of a few names that may catch your eye.

The Fly

J.D. Dillard, his directorial feature debut Sleight  had a fantastic reception at Sundance. He is the man looking to recreate this epic.

Escape From New York

Fox is targeting summer for the start of production yet the film has been been at the studio for over 2 years. Robert Rodriquez is supposedly going to re-write the iconic Carpenter film.

An American Werewolf In London

The film is being handed down to Landis’s son Max for a remake. recently speaking on a podcast, Max said he would update the CGI and the overall look of the wolf.

Pet Sematary

As reported last week by All Things Horror, Andres Muschietti, the new IT director is very keen on tackling another giant Stephen King adaptation.

The Orphanage

This one we have very little information, as 2014 was the last time we heard that a English language oriented remake was coming. But as we know, only time will tell when a remake of this hit film will be created.


Lang Elliot who is the head of Sunn Classic Pictures is set to direct the remake. There is no whispers whether it is in the pre-production stage or not, yet we know the remake is titled C. U. J. O. which stands for Canine Unit Joint Operations. Huh???


Peter Block who helped produce Saw is now searching for a director and exec producer to create a reboot of his recently obtained rights to Pumpkinhead.

The Birds

He is the master of slasher remakes and he is the genius behind the Transformers franchise. Now, Michael Bay is taking on the task of recreating one of the most original horror films ever, Alfred Hitchcock’s, The BirdsDiederik Van Rooije has been put in charge to direct the film.


Much the same here, the film is untitled, but director Robert Eggers who created The Witch, has been brought on to help create a remake that pays homage to the great silent horror of 1922.

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Since New Lin are firmly locking their gaze on their flurry of Conjuring films, there has been words from the company that says they won’t quit on this franchise, it just depends who what and when another reboot is within the works.

35 million scare fest on opening day for Annabelle: Creation

With a grand total of $71 million worldwide, and $35 within the states, David. F Sandberg’s next phase of The Conjuring had a satisfying opening 24 hrs. It sat slightly ahead of the loud Dunkirk, and fell 2 million short of the original Annabelle. Yet this outstanding statistic and claims by many responses from friends and acquaintances, the film has  seemed to live up to the hype.

Watch the trailer here, and follow up by hitting a cinema near you.




Whats the goss with Jeepers Creepers III?

Jeepers Creepers and its sequel became a much heftier and grander horror series than many expected. It’s encapsulating fear factor, being the ancient creature, ‘Creeper’ and it’s sequential hunting pattern terrified audiences since it’s inception.

14 somewhat patient years later and after numerous scripts, re-writes, production errors, and on top of what has been a plethora of plot changes we are finally moving towards the newest addition. Victora Salva is the original director and has returned to direct the third instalment, which in actual fact will be fall after the first and before Jeepers Creepers II. Although the plot has been leaked to an extent, all we know for sure is that the extinction of the Creeper which will be run by the local sheriff.

It is currently in production and is on date for what was expected from this last attempt. and to all our delight Jonathan Breck is returning as the infamous god like beast.

Below are the brief snippets which help assure us that all is going to planJeepers-Crepers-III-movie-leeked-images-2