‘Misery’ and it’s parallel affect on Stephen King

It has been brought to light recently, that much like ten years earlier with Stanley Kubrick’s adaption of his novel The Shining, Misery wasn’t exactly a film that King wanted to create/happy with the result.

Per Comicbook.com

Misery director Rob Reiner stated that “Here he was, a writer of horror books, books with supernatural elements to it, and he also wanted to express himself as a writer.”

Reiner goes on to say that ‘it was personal’ and the book wasn’t meant to be glorified on the big screen. He said what made the film go forth was that King trusted him due to earlier work together and that if anyone was going to avenge Kubrick’s mistakes he trusted Reiner.

The news is interesting, being unleashed in a  year were King has immortalized himself in the trans-universe of horror.


50th year anniversary release date for Tarantino’s Manson movie.


Quentin Tarantino has been quiet in between his announcement surrounding the Weinstein case. This also relates to his prolonged absence from the horror scene that he once inspired.

Yet, fear not fans of this mastermind, as his Charles Manson masterpiece, despite being within it’s infancy is begging to circulate. Margot Robbie is the hopeful to play Sharron Tate, the same person Tarantino is hoping to instrument for the anniversary release date of the film, a mere years on from the slayings. Other big names such as Leo Di Caprio and Tom Cruise have been linked to the film but with little to no details all are just rumours. What we do know is that with the announcement of the release date (August 19th, 2019) in the wake of Charles Manson’s passing it is only fitting that the aforementioned date has significance.

More details to come.


Friday Night Fright – December 1

As the last month of the year arrives, the theme for fright nights will be 2017 recaps and holiday themed movies. It’s been a glorious year but it’s time to wrap it all up. This week in the horror-verse we were privy to news about next years plans both TV and film. Enjoy.


Horror Buffs: Holidays (2015)  – Many holiday/Christmas horror movies are anthology based, and why not, it is such a unique direction for horror centring it’s themes around certain holidays. So traversing between different times and dates with as many scares as possible sounds nothing short of a smart idea. This film delivers on that, proving to be one of the better anthology films.


Beginners: IT (2017) – The most anticipated horror film of 2017. The remake of the mini-series which took the breath of teens in the 80’sand 90’s lived up to the inconceivable hype. The remake is a fresh and diverse take on the original that has plenty of new scenes plus plethora of nostalgic hits so fans of the iconic original will be impressed.


Casual fans: Annabelle: Creation (2017) – As most casual horror fans do, they latch on to any possession/haunting big budget horror film released year after year. The Conjuring series, despite being one of those isn’t JUST a contemporary horror series, it’s much more diverse and has some genuine scares unlike many of the 2010’s supernatural horror films. This origins story has plenty of scares and will keep you and a group of friends entertained form minute one.


7 horror movies where you root for the antagonist

It’s not often movies have you supporting the antagonist with every move they make. Naturally, some protagonists aren’t necessarily fan favourites but usually they are designed for that pure purpose of having someone to believe and confide in. Yet in the great realm of horror, some of the coolest villians to ever grace the big screen draw us in and captivated us. With their  unbelievable abilities, witty gags and sheer terror, some were actually that cool and out of this world we ended up cheering them on. On top of this, some protagonists are that irritating that we really just want to see them punished. Below is 7 horror movies were we cheered on the villains!


7. The Cabin In The Woods (2011)


6.  Saw (2004)


5. Carrie (1976)


4.Behind The Mask: Leslie Vernon (2006)


3. Silence Of The Lambs (1991)


2. Psycho (1960)


1. Freddy VS Jason (2003)

‘Happy Death Day’ joins the slasher elite

When we talk about the great slasher movies that paved the way for a sustainable horror genre, Halloween, Nightmare On Elm Street and Scream are just some of the names that come to mind. Yet the 100 million dollar club has welcomed a new member whose name should now be synonymous with, and that’s Blumhouse and Universals post modern slasher, Happy Death Day.

Made on an exclusively low 4 million, the slasher a few months on from release has joined other new age slashers such as Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Freddy Vs Jason to make a revenue of 100 million dollars.

Is this a sign of things to come in the horror sub genre of Slashers? With the talks of new remakes of iconic horror films coming to our screen in 2018, and with the very generous earnings the genre as a whole made this year, it’s safe to say that maybe horror has been reborn in 2017.






‘Mama’ was a short film before it became the cult hit feature film

We didn’t know this until recent news came our way, but yes, the 2013 film MAMA was a short film before it mutated into the film we all know and love.

Guillermo del Toro said that  Andres Muscheitti’s film was ‘one of the scariest scenes’ he had ever seen. The film once making it’s big screen debut as a full length film pushed Andres Muschietti into the spotlight and to this day has been graced with opportunities.

Watch below to see how it all started!

Friday Night  Fright  – November 24th

Slow news week but a flurry of new trailers became apparent and/or were released. There is a heap of exciting movies coming to us in 2018 and with that at the moment news, posters and trailers are the only news bouncing around. It has been another scorching week here in Oz and considering the recent remakes and sequels of big films, i.e Jigsaw, Leatherface, Flatliners and the news surrounding the newest Halloween movie this week we will be showcasing some of the better remakes and sequels.


Horror Fans: Hostel II (2007) – The original Hostel with it’s award winning director is often well documented, yet the sequel which is surprisingly better is often dismissed or even not watched based on the assumptions surrounding it’s lack of originality. It may follow a similar path, but I bet you, Hostel II will impress you more than its precursor.


Beginners: Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter (1984) – My favourite Friday the 13th film by far. Jason is back to his destructive best, it’s the conclusion of a great series, and the film ties in purposefully all that has occurred. Not to mention some of the acting for its time is quite good. Must watch if you want to brush up on the series as a collective.


Casual fans: Halloween (2007) – Rob Zombie has a signature way of creating horror, it’s brash, bizarre, colourful and in your face. This remake which is much like his other works is super charged and intense. A great watch fi you want a revamped and similar plotline to the original ground-breaking film of the same name.