Top 10 horror directors/producers/writers of the 2000’s

The turn of the century is here! With this new wave of cinema, and new era of the world, a fresh horror scene was born. We had remakes, unique and trendsetting hand-held films, dozen’s of countries beginning to match up with the likes of the US,UK and Japan, and much more. This did not go without some absolutely horrible newly found CGI mistakes and the begging of the remake niche, but for the most part the 2000’s helped bring horror back to life from the bleak decade before it. The Saw , Final Destination and Paranormal Activity franchises were all born in the naughties. Not to mention some stellar films such as The Descent.


10. Danny Boyle (28 Days Later)


9. Gore Verbinski (The Ring)


8. Ti West (The House of The Devil)


7. Jaume Collet-Serra (Orphan)


6. Wes Craven (Pulse)


5. Guillermo del Toro (The Oprhanage)


4. Pascal Laugier (Martyrs)


3. James Wong (Final Destination)


2. Alexandre Aja (High Tension)


1. James Wan (Saw)


Netflix’s ‘Mindhunter’: Thoughts thus far

Although many have probably binge-watched the whole series already, for those taking their time, much like us, 3 episodes in and we are already intrigued by what has been a fascinating take on true crime icon’s and similarly, some of the most dangerous men to have roamed the earth. The show with it’s lack of comic relief, bright (overplayed) cameos and very raw and harsh plot’s indicate that this show wants to be as brutally honest as possible. Many of us horror fans are true crime fans as well, as there are so many parallels between the fictional and the real villains that scare us.

So far so good is what we have to say about Mindhunter, and if we are this enthralled 3 episodes in then we can only imagine how good it will be. Yet the one question on our mind is, which is better? This new hit, or True detective S1??



Friday Night Fright – September 29th

You reckon i was busy last week,well think again, yet this time i kept myself as focused on the blog as possible. Especially with a week as busy and exciting as this. Creep 2 trailer, Jeepers Creepers news still pouring out, IT continuing it’s trail blazing debut, the horrorverse was in full swing.

I’ll be beyond drunk over the next few days due to the tigers being in the big dance, so if you arnt partial to football then here are some suggestions for this weekend. They will be based off of my series that i started this week.

Horror Buffs: Suspiria (1977) – Argento’s masterpiece with it’s vivid colours and game changing cinematography made this a standout hit of the 70’s. A must watch if you want to round out your knowledge with some older hits.

Beginners: Psycho (1960) – If you haven’t seen this Hitchcock masterpiece do you really deserve to embark on your horror journey!? Psycho, although not technically, was the beginning of the slasher genre in mainstream, or at least in indie films. It’s much better than it’s remakes and is without a doubt one of the greatest movies of the 60’s in totallity.

Casual Fans: Black Christmas (2006) – The 1970 original is good, but this updated teen friendlier version is appropriate for more ages and with it’s greater effects and much more modern context it makes for a classic teen scare fest for all viewers.

Top 10 horror directors/producers/writers of the 50-70s

This is the beginning of a series where, apart from this entry, i will be ranking the greatest horror minds from each decade of horror. I chose to join the three decades above purely because the horror universe and horror industry lacked depth in comparison to later decades, and for a greater list with more acknowledged minds i decided to start off with these 3 combined. The 50-70’s brought with them Psycho, Dracula, Suspiria and The Hill’s Have Eyes.  And of course one of the greatest horror geniuses to ever step behind the lens, Mr Hitchcock. Read below to see where we ranked him!

10. Jack Arnold (Creature Of The Black Lagoon)


9. Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)


8. Nicolas Roeg (Don’t Look Now)


7. Robert Wise (The Day The Earth Stood Still)


6. John Carpenter (Halloween)


5. Terence Fisher (Dracula)


4. David Cronenberg (Shivers)


3. Dario Argento (Suspiria)


2. George A Romero (Night Of The Living Dead)


1. Alfred Hitchcock (Psycho)

Peele and Lee double team a new afro-american true horror film

Jordan Peel and Spike Lee are both African-american filmmakers who have often tackled the outstanding prejudice and racism within american culture. Peel’s recent film, Get Out, was phenomenal in this aspect, and if it’s any indication of how good this new film will be then we should all be excited.

The film is called The Black Klansman (not the revenge blaxploitation film of the same name in the 60’s) and will e based on the true evens of a black detective who infiltrated the KKK,

They will be running the banner of Peel’s company Monkeypaw Productions, and teaming up with QC and Blumhouse productions, the later which worked with Peel in Get Out.

More details to come.


Friday Night Fright – September 8th

It’s been a busy week and a stressful one for yours truly, with little time what happened n the horror world was surreal, nothing significant happening in the horror world! It looks as if it has taken a breath for me. Without further due, here are this weeks recommendations.

Horror Buffs: The Sacrament (2013) – This found footage film is like no other. Most are typical in the sense they are films that are constant in haunting/paranormal films. This movie though uses the hand-held angle to infiltrate a camp, a religious cult more so and the thrills that will come your way through this overlooked indie are sensational.

Beginners: The Omen (1976) – If you truly want to be a horror buff, a horror nerd, or claim t be the king/queen of horror then this is a must watch. The original idea and film to boost the spawn of Satan plot line. It had some pretty great scares from its time and the acting is phenomenal for a film of it’s time.

Casual Fans: Sorority Row (2009) – Fast paced, gorey, unique and brutal kill scenes and plenty of gorgeous girls getting undressed, not to mention soap suds, soap suds to the max. This frat house slasher has a great plot twist, and plenty of pop culture references for those looking for a fun and upbeat film.

New ‘Insidious’ film, new trailer, new director

Insidious: The Last Key is the newest film in said franchise, and just hours ago the trailer was released. Packed with what seems lie modern day scare tactics yet what seems to be a new take o the series.

Original director and contemporary star James Wan and his franchise has pretty much run it’s course with similar graphics and similar viewing experiences. The trailer for the newest film, directed by Adam Robitel (Taking of Deborah Logan) and written by mainstay director and producer Leigh Whannell, seems to step away from the cartoonish and ghostly demons that relate to Wan’s work and delve into something more sinister. The creatures seen throughout seem more brutal, and from the brief look we have at the cinematography, it indicates that the film may not follow the same tropes of it’s predecessors.

As i don’t concede to this franchise like many pretend horror fans, i’m hoping i’m right, and that this new film is flat out scary.

Brace yourself for the trailer.