Friday Night Fright – November 3rd

I hope you all had a wicked Halloween, filled with plenty of scares, booze, food and fun. Although Friday the 13th may have passed, as has Halloween, this does not mean the scares have to come to an end. So after spending Halloween watching some new horror’s that i had yet to have watched (The House That October Built), it is only right that this week we fill these recommendations in honor of our final installment of our latest series and watch some classics. So grab some friends and don’t let the party end. Enjoy!

Horror Buffs:  Videodrome (1983) – Whilst many of the great directors of the 70’s-80’s were working on the era of slashers, Cronenberg was out on his own making some of the most memorable and unique horror movies of his generation. Videodrome is exactly one of these.This extraordinary horror centers itself around a sleazy TV programmer who engages with one real bizarre station that rocks his world. An under the radar film that is both enjoyable and bizarre.


Beginners: The Birds (1963) –  It may not be as scary now as it was back then, but this iconic ‘monster’ movie is pure genius. Hitchcock has a wonderful way of intimidating audiences without the need for exuberant props or graphics (despite the birds) or jump scares, his deliverance of the plot is what makes this a classic movie.


Casual Fans: Halloween (1978) – It’s only right that the very movie that represented this week is here. If you are left wondering what the fuss is about after your party, then grab some friends and treat yourself to this stalker slasher film that is potentially the most iconic and greatest slasher film of all time.


Friday Night Fright – October 13th

This month we will see two special Fright Nights! This week it’s a Friday the 13th special, whilst in two weeks we have halloween! So to keep it short and sweet and let the scares commence, don’t forget to check out this week’s addition to the ongoing series as this week we hit the 90’s. Sadly i won’t be really referencing them too much in my recommendations based on the fact that Friday the 13th is a sacred date in the horror-verse.


Horror Buffs: Ringu (1998) – Now i didn’t say it wouldn’t completely be unrelated to the 90’s. All horror buffs should have seen Jason and ‘mummy’ cause havoc on the 13th, so in relation to the series, this original of the same name to the 2000’s scare fest is worth a watch. Although the premise won’t shock you, the pure horror the Japanese induce into their films is immense. If you love the Americanized version, you’ll eat this up.


Beginners: Friday The 13th (1980) – If you haven’t seen the original Friday The 13th by now, this Friday is your best chance yet. The reason why the date rings a bell for many, although maybe not the best out of all Voorhees films, the originals a no brainer-first-ballot-horror hall of fame movie and influence.


Casual Fans: Friday The 13th (2009) – The remake, a teen fest and turn of the decade inspired remake of the original is one of the better remakes of iconic horror films from centuries past. I believe that with supernatural star Jared Padelecki playing a great role as Clay and some pretty awesome death scenes, this flat out murder fest starts heavy and will keep you entertained all the way through.

The 5 films I’m looking forward too in 2018

I know the year is not done yet, despite the overall belligerence of local shopping malls that already have Christmas decorations on sale, but it’s never too early to get excited for the abundance of horror films coming to us in 2018. Much like this year, we know that some films that are scheduled may never reach the screen (Friday the 13th) and we know that there will also be some hidden gems (The Blackcoat’s Daughter). Yet so far there are only a few announcements that seem concrete, but despite this i am still going to acknowledge the 5 horror films, EXPECTED for 2018,  that i am most looking forward too.

5. The Nun

  • Needless to say i am a huge Conjuring fan. Annabelle and it’s spin-offs may not be as important to me but the original 2 both terrified me at the time and also as I’ve revisited them have kept me so entertained. The Nun hopefully centers around Vera Farmiga and the Warrens, and if so, I will be there on opening night.


4. Halloween Returns

  • If you’re a horror movie fan you can’t not get excited about the next reboot. Yes reboots are so predictable and with the abundance of them it’s nothing overly enticing, but with Rob Zombie doing such a splendid job, and it being over a decade since that version i am keen to see what the newest will look like.


3. The Strangers 2

  • One of the most underrated horror films of all time was The Strangers. It is also one of the scariest films of all time, if you don’t believe me, turn all the lights off, the volume up and sit and watch it by yourself. If the first is any true indication of what the second will be like, then sign me up!


2. The Blair Witch Project 3

  • What can I say, the outdated original hand-held film has a special place in my heart. Upon re watching it earlier this year, i didn’t realize how intense it really is and i guess it made me fall in love with it all over again. The second was not as groundbreaking, nor was it as pure and authentic. It did provide us with a heap of cheap scares though, so i’m hoping this one is bit more like the original.


1. Nightmare On Elm Street

  • Freddy Kreuger is my all time favorite killer. The original series is phenomenal and although many disagree, i generally liked the 2010 remake. But it did fall short to the original series in more ways then one, as they tried to incorporate the whole series into one film disastrously . Hopefully this new attempt that is in talks at the moment with New Line is something refreshing yet not over the top and full of CGI like we saw with IT.



Friday Night Fright – September 22

Sorry fans for what has been one horrible week on my behalf. With an influx of work, uni and other personal conundrums it’s safe to say All Things Horror was far from my attention. But, on the back of amid week rekindling and the weekend fastly approaching i thought i’d make this Fright Night a special one.

IT lived up to the hype and as a fan of both Stephen King, his original and the news of Muscheitti signing up for many more King remakes the horror future seems extremely bright for me. On top of this, it seems that Jeepers Creepers 3 is looking more likely to rise from the darkness the media has surrounded it in, and although i don’t condone the actions of the director behind the film, i am oh so keen for the next installment. Here you go fans, your Fright Night inspiration for some weekend viewing.




Horror Buffs: Audition (199) – This Japanese film is the ultimate indie torture film that even had the Japanese screaming and running for the exits.It may not be overpowered with blood and filled with litres of it, but this ominous film is down right fucked. The Japanese make some great movies and this is one that is acclaimed to be one of the scariest, gruesome and most underrated films of  the 20th century.


Beginners: Cannibal Holocaust (1980) – Now you may be thinking, this doesn’t stack up as classic in comparison to my other suggestions, no, no it doesn’t, but much like the movie above, this film also took some inspiration from the much debated and contested idea of a snuff film. Well, this film by much of the audience ,media and those in the industry was deemed an actual snuff film, and due to the heated discussions a lawsuit was generated against the director. The director for this film was charged with the murder of animals and what not, but the scenes of actual human torture and murder was dismissed. Yet i still wonder to this day if the kills are real in this movie, hence it’s significance in horror movie history.


Casual Fans: Get Out (2017) – A newie but an absolutely extraordinary film. This 2017 hit is so far my favorite of the year and also without a doubt the best film of the year. It’s as deep and topical as a horror film can be, attracting audiences of all kinds, yet it also has some intense thrills that keep you stuck in your seat. The perfect horror movie for fans who are looking for something both easy on the eye yet also meaningful and inspiring per say.