Friday Night Fright – December 15th

The Golden Globe’s caused a stir in the film industry as a new trailer for the famous Insidious franchise was launched. It was a pretty dull week besides these two announcements. Nothing to see her, get festive and enjoy the recommendations.


Horror Buffs: Jack Frost (1997) – Not an overly great film, but one of the most noteworthy Christmas horror with one of the most infamous festive villains. worth a watch.

Beginners: A Cure For Wellness (2017) – A seemingly unique horror movie, this jacked up version of Shutter Island made for an interesting watch. Despite it’s lengthy feel, the twist, turns and and intensity it brings in crucial scenes makes it worth the watch.

Casual Fans: mother! (2017) – Darren Ofonsoky’s vintage cinematic appeal wrung true in this psychological thriller. Despite the trailers outdoing it’s actual worth, the film was one of the highlights of a mixed year of horror.


‘Get Out’ being nominated as a comedy at the Golden Globe’s, good joke.

Jordan Peele’s successful big screen horror debut didn’t go unnoticed this year by those behind the Golden Globe nomination sand awards. Yet Get Out, this potential horror of the year calibre film which broke grounds with it’s racial themes has been nominated for a few awards, as a comedy.

Now, to be nominated is an award in itself, but is there something underlying within this nomination that is offensive and/or demonstrative. Jordan Peele as well didn’t receive a nomination for screenplay or director, which I find appalling.

Is this yet another istitiuonal racism or classism display. Has Peele’s past performances and film/TV history given way to him being pigeonholed.

Yet, there was one sound nomination, and that was lead actor Daniel Kaluuya being nominated for best performance in a motion picture, FOR A COMEDY OR MUSICAl.




New ‘Insidious: The Last Key’ trailer features the infamous demon from #1

It’s name is The Lipstick Face Demon and it is synonymous with the Insidious franchise that burst onto the scene in 2010.

The highly anticipated newest addition to the franchise, The Last Key, release date is growing closer (January 5, 2018), and with a recent TV spot and now officially launched trailer, the demon which we thought was banished has returned to fuel our thrist for the newest film.

Watch below, but beware, it’s at your own risk.

‘Altered Carbon’ a psuedo-horror or sci-fi horror? Watch the trailer and decide

The horrorverse has expanded into the realms of TV in abundance over the past few years. It has downplayed the scare aspects and rather broadened the definition of what horror is,making it much more than an event as opposed to an experience. Yet with the increase in sci-fi or fantasy horror through TV, the continuum of horror in film may have been altered. Much like new Netflix horror, Altered Carbon.Taking a page out of shows like Stranger Things, this sci-fi horror registers as a horror film based on it’s dark representation of a sci-fi world, but is it really a horror. I’ll let you watch the trailer and decide.

The film will be available to watch on Netflix February 2nd.



Friday Night Fright – December 8th

As we continue to count down the last month of the year, lists of greatest films of the year and continual announcements about 2018 horror will be the main ingredients for this blog.  It is a quiet time on the horror net outside of trailer releases, so without further ado, here is this weeks recommendations.


Horror Buffs: The Blackcoat’s Daughter ( 2017) – A somewhat forgotten release this year, The Blackcoat’s Daughter only gained traction once people realised that it was a much better film then those previous released earlier in the year. It’s internet growth was tumultuous once people tuned their heads in to how good this film is. The blockbuster ending makes this movie, but what keeps the flame burning from start to finish is the amazing performance by underrated horror star, Emma Roberts.


Beginners: Black Christmas (1974) – The only reputable Christmas movie to have reached any form of recognition as a genuine classic horror film. One of the very first slashers, this Christmas movie has similar pretences to Prom Night and Halloween. A must see to tick off all the ground-breaking slashers of the 70’sand 80’s.


Casual Fans: Gerald’s Game (2017) – Just one of the many scintillating Stephen King inspired horror movies of 2017, and personally we think the best. Although not entirely just one for the casual fan, as it is very integral to horror going forward and horror literature, this psychological horror is so disturbing yet so intriguing you are in to minds to look away in horror or keep watching. The film is directed so well and the screenplay makes this practically real time horror very fun to watch with someone.

CBS All Access is the place to see the new ‘Twilight Zone’

Mastermind behind horror film Get Out, Jordan Peele, is continuing his rise to horror stardom by directing a new version of The Twilight Zone, and it’s coming to TV, kind of.

Peele, formally known as one a half of hilarious skit Key & Peele, broke out this year with undoubtably the best horror movie of 2017, Get Out. Since than he has teamed up with Spike Lee for another upcoming racially fuelled horror and has become a cultural icon. Now he is embarking on brining back The Twilight Zone, but instead of it coming to the small screen, it will be delivered on a smaller screen, on CBS All Access.

The pilot is being written by Marco Ramirez (Daredevil).


5 movies that we loved and 3 that we hated in 2017

2017 was a crowded house of horror. There was plenty of big hitters that had been hyped and talked about for it seems like at least 2 years prior, whilst a collective of indie and unknown unique horror movies impacted the current landscape of horror going forward. Despite this being the popular consensus amongst the audience, and also us here at All Things Horror, it’s been understood that this year has been a milestone year for horror. Yet upon reflection the year to us seemed lacklustre. Yes there was plenty of bright spots and films worth our time, but those who tried to diversify the genre did so but without any viewing significance. The remakes, especially IT, were fun rides that are worth a re-watch, but when nit-picking and pulling apart the film for it’s actual worth and talent, it’s just another CGI blockbuster. The one true movie that wrung home and deceived all the odds and really claimed it’s place in horror’s history was Get Out, which is most definitely our film of the year.




3. Dig Two Graves


2.  The Gracefield Incident


2. Split




5. Killing Ground


4. A Cure For Wellness


3. Gerald’s Game


2. The Blackcoat’s Daughter


1. Get Out