‘Open Water 3: Cage Dive’ review

Open water 3: Cage Dive, sounds as good as it is. It’s authenticity makes it special as it is quite unique in it’s narrative, yet there is nothing special about it once you turn it on.

Open Water 3 is a film about a man who finds a underwater video camera wedged into a reef, and on it is a completely sound SD card. Upon playing the card we see three ‘beachy’ Americans audition tape for an extreme reality show. Cage diving with sharks is what there audition involves but what comes next is everyone’s nightmare and worst possible outcome when cage diving. That’s right, they become isolated, cageless in the ocean, surrounded by the very sharks they tormented.

Now firstly i am going to stay neutral and take away my personal and ethical reactions to sharks being portrayed this way, but this ‘monster’ horror movie doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but none of them do. The animal/creature is vicious and unrelenting and whilst it makes for great cinematic viewing it is almost unrealistic or surreal. Unfortunately just like this film, rarely do these movies have great reception, and only Jaws, Rogue and maybe a handful of other animal horror films break the critical seal around them. Yet what this movie does do well is incorporate the hand held, found footage angle which will forever educe scares or at least ramp up dull moments through its awkward originality.

Open Water 3: Cage Dive due to it’s lower budget, mediocre plot and average acting will never really find itself a home on many shelves, but encompassing the found-footage approach is a tick that may keep itself relevant in between other animal horror movies, and potentially making it the better then the Open Water 2.


Gremlins 3 graced with a twisted script

Chris Columbus, the man behind the pen which scrawled the first 2 iconic Gremlins movie has finished a script for the much awaited third addition, and by his reports in a ┬árecent interview, it is ‘twisted’!

Columbus deliberated on /Freak, saying he wanted the ‘twisted sensibility’ that Gremlins had.

The movie is still in the works with no other word, but we have a script, and that is more than exciting.


BREAKING! ‘Jeepers Creepers 3’ info has reached the web

In light of my recent post about upcoming horror movie Jeeper Creepers, it seemed only days ago we ad no info just an overall idea and hint of what the newest Creeper film was going to be. YET HERE WE ARE, ONLY A NUMBER OF HOURS LATER.

Sorry about the caps, but for me and many other 90’s kids, i (we) were introduced into the infamous Creeper in my early horror viewing days, and the nostalgia and terror that courses through my veins when i see the title Jeepers Creepers is electrifying. Yet without further ado, here is the latest information release in regards to the new film

It is set to e released on September 26, and will run for 1 hour and 40 minutes.


Anya Taylor-Joy keeps the dream team alive, joining cast of Nosferatu

Robert Eggers hit indie of 2016, The Witch, will go down as one of the most masterful and authentic paranormal movies to exits, let alone one of the greatest takes on England in that period of time. I’m not saying this because i am fan, even though i loved The Witch, read anywhere, or go watch it yourself if you don’t believe me, it will wow you. What is more exciting than this is that since then we have been wondering what the great director will tackle next, and now we know, Nosferatu.

Nosferatu, the great silent Dracula film of the 1920’s and maybe the first ever horror movie to become popular and noteworthy, Eggers is aiming to create something  original yet still pays homage to the trailblazing horror movie. But he can’t do it without the star of his last movie, Anya Taylor-Joy. Taylor-Joy was superb in her conflicting role in Eggers 2016 hit, and now knowing she has re-teamed with Eggers, this remake may very much be one of those rarities, the remakes that outdo their originals.

Dan Bush’s ‘The Vault’ red band clip unleashes supernatural horror

This 2017 supernatural bank robbery is nothing like we’ve seen before. So far the film has been mysterious in what exactly is different about this bank, and why this heist will be much much different to others. This intrigue is encapsulating, and a mixture of hostage horror and the supernatural is making for something unique in all of our imaginations.

The red band clip that went viral through horror streams this morning is the first real glimpse of the supernatural we have seen, and boy is it exciting.

The film is primarily going VOD but there will be a limited theatrical release on September 1. The movie stars Taryn Manning (8 Mile, OITNB), Francesca Eastwood (Final Girl) and of course, James Franco (127 Hours, Spider-Man).

Watch the full trailer here.


Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 5.26.21 PM.png

‘The Gracefield Incident’ review

I hate doing negative reviews, especially when someone has worked so hard to usher their baby into this world, but writer, director, producer and star of this film, Matthieu Ratthe……..your film was a viewing conundrum.

A group of friends and family are searching for a fun time away in a secluded cabin in the woods of Quebec, Canada. Of course, something goes wrong. But this is where for one time only, i will take my hat off to Ratthe for being original. A meteorite slams into the woods nearby and following this an extraterrestrial being begins to haunt their every move. To survive and create something new there has been a cool additive, incorporating the unknown from outer space being his X factor, and i say that this idea is quite diverting when adding his own flavour, so for that cudos Ratthe.

Now, why this movie is both bizarre, puzzling and laughable is based solely around it’s production, because so far, the basic plot sounds pretty sound and standard right? It’s a hand held film, which usually gives us as fans a great POV scare factor, but unfortunately the acting is a bit broken and a lax of emotion, meansthe actual prompted scares are far from confronting. What’s cool and different is the main character, played by brainchild, Ratthe. His character Matthew Donovan has a prosthetic eye with a camera inserted inside of it, which makes for a cool little difference. Yet, the found footage adage relies heavily on scares and it’s realism, but with the acting, poor dialogue and really average voice overs/acting in this film, even in the stressing scenes it just seems droll.  On top of this, which does kill majority of the point, especially due to the last 40-50 minutes relying on scaring their audiences through chase scenes and deranged behaviour.

Although the outline sounds reasonable, the films natural path takes a sharp u-turn with an odd ending where we see an alien nestling an egg, everyone escaping safely, and a similar design in a crop field, reminiscent of Signs. With the final scene being Matthe and his partner, nursing their newborn child which has to do with the sub-text that is also very apparent one second, and not the next.

The movie jumps in and out of scare tactics and humorous dialogue, moves from a sci-fi to a haunting/paranormal sort of found footage film and is all over the shop. Why this movie is so in-explainable is due to it’s theme and sub-text overload. I wish this movie was better, i really do, but it just had me shaking my head one too many times to believe it really was worth watching.


Freaky to the fullest! New image of Pennywise from this years reboot is everything we need.

Of late there has been a plethora of news headlines and updates surrounding Andres Muschietti’s IT. Potentially the most immensely anticipated and highly touted horror movie of 2017 is growing with hype as we sit a month out from it’s release. Just over a week ago we were treated to the second trailer, and with each new flash of Pennywise’s devilish grin we grow more restless.

Fear not (or do), because this morning we have once again been struck with a new visual from the film, this time it being a high resolution image of Bill Skasgard’s Pennywise. And it is awesome in every sense of the word.

Check out the most recent trailer here before the September 8 release.