‘Open Water 3: Cage Dive’ review

Open water 3: Cage Dive, sounds as good as it is. It’s authenticity makes it special as it is quite unique in it’s narrative, yet there is nothing special about it once you turn it on.

Open Water 3 is a film about a man who finds a underwater video camera wedged into a reef, and on it is a completely sound SD card. Upon playing the card we see three ‘beachy’ Americans audition tape for an extreme reality show. Cage diving with sharks is what there audition involves but what comes next is everyone’s nightmare and worst possible outcome when cage diving. That’s right, they become isolated, cageless in the ocean, surrounded by the very sharks they tormented.

Now firstly i am going to stay neutral and take away my personal and ethical reactions to sharks being portrayed this way, but this ‘monster’ horror movie doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but none of them do. The animal/creature is vicious and unrelenting and whilst it makes for great cinematic viewing it is almost unrealistic or surreal. Unfortunately just like this film, rarely do these movies have great reception, and only Jaws, Rogue and maybe a handful of other animal horror films break the critical seal around them. Yet what this movie does do well is incorporate the hand held, found footage angle which will forever educe scares or at least ramp up dull moments through its awkward originality.

Open Water 3: Cage Dive due to it’s lower budget, mediocre plot and average acting will never really find itself a home on many shelves, but encompassing the found-footage approach is a tick that may keep itself relevant in between other animal horror movies, and potentially making it the better then the Open Water 2.


Top 8 bad ass heroines in horror

Helpless victims make for awesome villains, but what helps some horror movies stand alone is the seemingly bad ass and powerful protagonist fighting back against whatever adversity is against them. They often make for fan favourites and with that comes fan favourite movies. Below is the 8 that surely grabbed your attention.

8. Clarice Starling – Silence of the Lambs


7. Selene – Underworld series


6. Laurie Strode – Halloween


5. Sidney Prescott – Scream franchise


4. Sarah – The Descent


3. Ellen Ripley – Alien


2. Alice – Resident Evil franchise


1. Jennifer – I Spit on Your Grave

BREAKING! ‘Jeepers Creepers 3’ info has reached the web

In light of my recent post about upcoming horror movie Jeeper Creepers, it seemed only days ago we ad no info just an overall idea and hint of what the newest Creeper film was going to be. YET HERE WE ARE, ONLY A NUMBER OF HOURS LATER.

Sorry about the caps, but for me and many other 90’s kids, i (we) were introduced into the infamous Creeper in my early horror viewing days, and the nostalgia and terror that courses through my veins when i see the title Jeepers Creepers is electrifying. Yet without further ado, here is the latest information release in regards to the new film

It is set to e released on September 26, and will run for 1 hour and 40 minutes.


Friday Night Fright – August 18th

Due to some research i carried out this week in relation to some of the scariest movies ever created (for the purpose of doing an upcoming list (stay tuned)), this weeks recommendations will all be scary in one way or another. Make sure to have a buddy for this week.

Horror Buffs: The Orphanage (2007) – This Spanish gem by the original name of El Orfanato went under the radar for majority of English speaking countries due to it’s non English audio, unfortunately this made itself a victim of it’s own beauty. Regardless of the need for subtitles if you do not speak the language, this dark and sinister horror will stick with you. It is utter terrifying and very individualistic in it’s directing. A real indie surprise for many that skipped over it.


Beginners: The Descent (2005) – A group of girls embark on a rock-climbing adventure through a vacant cave, and what do you know, it turns horribly wrong. Despite the premise and plot not surprising in any way shape or form, the claustrophobia and exuberant scares throughout the film will keep you gripping tight to your pillow/drink/lover/dog. This is action horror that all fans need to watch, as it has been claimed to be one of the scariest movies ever created, and one of the best horror films of the 21st century.


Casual Fans: Evil Dead (2013) – I know it’s game to challenge the idea that originals are always better, but Fede Alvarez did an amazing job to remake a cult classic and the original of one of the greatest horror franchises in history. With an update in effects and acting, Bruce Campbell would even be proud of how well this remake was done. Fast, some jump scares, classic horror tropes and a bunch of gore, this splatter/supernatural horror will provide some great in movie scares. This non-stop excitement machine is one of my all time favourites, and makes for great group viewing.


Anya Taylor-Joy keeps the dream team alive, joining cast of Nosferatu

Robert Eggers hit indie of 2016, The Witch, will go down as one of the most masterful and authentic paranormal movies to exits, let alone one of the greatest takes on England in that period of time. I’m not saying this because i am fan, even though i loved The Witch, read anywhere, or go watch it yourself if you don’t believe me, it will wow you. What is more exciting than this is that since then we have been wondering what the great director will tackle next, and now we know, Nosferatu.

Nosferatu, the great silent Dracula film of the 1920’s and maybe the first ever horror movie to become popular and noteworthy, Eggers is aiming to create something  original yet still pays homage to the trailblazing horror movie. But he can’t do it without the star of his last movie, Anya Taylor-Joy. Taylor-Joy was superb in her conflicting role in Eggers 2016 hit, and now knowing she has re-teamed with Eggers, this remake may very much be one of those rarities, the remakes that outdo their originals.

Game-to-film adaptation that may pay off

Not often are we graced with game turns movie adaptations, but usually they do come in the form of horror or action movies, as so far the most renowned would be Resident Evil. When it has been the other way around, rarely does it end well, ever played the Saw game? Yeh, me too.

It Came From the Desert is the newest adaptation, and from all accounts, this one will be happily placed on the shelf next to Resident Evil and Silent Hill. The premise is that there are a large ant infestation that due to a meteorite have been lathered with radioactive properties.

This action/horror stars Mark Arnold, Harry Lister Smith, Vanessa Grasse, Claudio Trujillo, Alex Mills, James Alper, and Callum McGowan and is directed by Marko Mäkilaakso.

Although the official synopsis seems to differ form the 80’s cult games original idea, the giant radioactive ants are still as dangerous as first depicted.

Watch the trailer here.

maxresdefault (2).jpg

The Ring VS The Grudge

These Japanese personified american remakes are some of the scariest remakes and horror movies in general since the turn of the century. I’d even go out on a limb and say these two movies have been some of the scariest of all time, with both entailing a pale ghost antagonists that has since petrified giddy teenagers. Why both are similar in origin, and both have their paranormal motifs that link them, these distinctly different movies are always blanketed together. Now i will pit them against each other to find out which is truly the better film. The three categories will be film success, scare factor and influence.

Film Success:

The Ring stands as one of the greatest american remakes of an international film in history. Ringu, is the Japanese original, and although at times the film was criticised for poor character development and moving away from the screenplay a little, Naomi Watts is fantastic, and the amount of scares and also overall level of fan favouritism it reached is phenomenal. The movie grossed a crazy $249 million off of a 48 million budget and with this it refutes my comments about being one of the greats, with it being one of the highest grossing remakes of all time. It also won a MTV Movie award with Samara (Daveigh Chase) for Best Villain.

Ju-On: The Grudge was remade into what we now as The Grudge. In 2004, 2 years after the success of The Ring, The Grudge similarly wowed audiences as it became one of the greatest american remakes. This one staring a popular main actress who carried out her role perfectly in Sarah Michelle Galler. The film grossed a massive $187 mill on only a 10 mill budget. Although mixed reviews it also won 2 awards and was nominated for a staggering 10, including a MTV Movie award.

Although the Grudge fell short in grossings, it was nominated for more awards and it did this in a much smaller budget in comparison to The Ring. It’s only fair to say that The Grudge has had a greater film success, not to mention it’s sequels are a hell of a lot better than than that of Gore Verbinski’s.

The Grudge > The Ring

 Scare Factor:

The Ring has Samara. Samara! The Origin of nightmares, the very spark that ignited the fear of creepy dark haired girls in movies. She is the mother of this horror niche and i know for a fact more than one of my friends had nightmares over this creepy girl. On top of this, a few decent jump scares through disfigured victims make this film on of the world’s all time freakiest and scariest movies, and this is backed up by a plethora of nominations in media’s top 10 scariest movie lists. The Ring is terrifying.

The Grudge’s hair raising atmosphere and eerily low budget cinematography also made for one of the scariest movies ever. With time running out and the curse of death chasing the main character, what could be more terrifying then being scared, isolated and lost in a foreign country as a Japanese ghost haunts you. Nothing you could word would give it’s scares justice, just go watch it.

Despite both being haunting and downright some of the most terrifying movies ever produced within America, Samara being who she is and how nightmarish she is in her aestheticism, The Ring as a whole and their main character would even scare The Grudge.

The Ring > The Grudge


As mentioned above, Samara and The Ring were trailblazing when they debuted. Creepy girls, the innovation to create a remake out of the very renowned Japanese horror scene. What Gore Verbinski created is something that horror movie directors became famous for, think Romero and Hitchcock, what Verbinski did with The Ring places him in good company.

The Grudge had a minor influence in comparison. It helped mould a genre and continually backed up the work of The Ring,  proving that intentional remakes would live on. It further cemented the notion that haunting horror’s will always be a crowd favourite.

Unfortunately The Grudge doesn’t match up with The Ring here. It helped usher in and support what The Ring did, but without The Ring, would we even have had The Grudge, i think not.

The Ring > The Grudge


Although the first and second category, could have gone down as ties, the overwhelmingly better received film The Grudge, may be a greater film in a holistic sense, but it was nor scarier, nor as impressive and authentic as The Ring due to what The Ring stood for. Both though will forever be remembered as the origin of both Japanese and international remakes.

The Ring > The Grudge