Top 10 horror directors/producers/writers of the 90’s

The 90’s, unfortunately the visceral contradiction of the decade that preludes it. The 90’s was an era of horror where teen horror overshadowed, there was a lack of depth in the big film story lines bar a few, and really only about 3-5 memorable and worthy horror movies were born. Scream and The Blair Witch Project saved it by the end of the decade, but it was a little too late in the decade that seemed a little lost and confused.

10. Daniel Myrick & Eduardo Sanchez (The Blair Witch Project)


9. Peter Jackson (Dead Alive)


8. Sam Raimi (Army of Darkness)


7. Takashi Miike (The Audition)


6. Abel Ferrara (The Addiction)


5. John Carpenter (In The Mouth of Madness)


4. M.Night Shayalman (The Sixth Sense)


3. Hideo Nakata (Ringu)


2. Guillermo Del Torro (Mimic)


1. Wes Craven (Scream)


‘1922’ upon first look seems terrific

It seems as if it’s been the year of Stephen King stories reaching the big screen. With the announcement and recent trailer of Gerald’s Game, IT being a big part of the past few months in the film-verse, it’s as if the majority of this year has been captured by Stephen King and his imagination.

1922 is another famous short story by King and yet another addition to Netflix. Two days ago we were blessed with our first look, and although sounding like a broken record and one for making grand statements too often, the footage we have of his newest adaptation looks downright intense and very much like how a Stephen king novel should play out on the big screen.


View the trailer here, and don’t miss it upon release on the 20th of October this year!


The 5 films I’m looking forward too in 2018

I know the year is not done yet, despite the overall belligerence of local shopping malls that already have Christmas decorations on sale, but it’s never too early to get excited for the abundance of horror films coming to us in 2018. Much like this year, we know that some films that are scheduled may never reach the screen (Friday the 13th) and we know that there will also be some hidden gems (The Blackcoat’s Daughter). Yet so far there are only a few announcements that seem concrete, but despite this i am still going to acknowledge the 5 horror films, EXPECTED for 2018,  that i am most looking forward too.

5. The Nun

  • Needless to say i am a huge Conjuring fan. Annabelle and it’s spin-offs may not be as important to me but the original 2 both terrified me at the time and also as I’ve revisited them have kept me so entertained. The Nun hopefully centers around Vera Farmiga and the Warrens, and if so, I will be there on opening night.


4. Halloween Returns

  • If you’re a horror movie fan you can’t not get excited about the next reboot. Yes reboots are so predictable and with the abundance of them it’s nothing overly enticing, but with Rob Zombie doing such a splendid job, and it being over a decade since that version i am keen to see what the newest will look like.


3. The Strangers 2

  • One of the most underrated horror films of all time was The Strangers. It is also one of the scariest films of all time, if you don’t believe me, turn all the lights off, the volume up and sit and watch it by yourself. If the first is any true indication of what the second will be like, then sign me up!


2. The Blair Witch Project 3

  • What can I say, the outdated original hand-held film has a special place in my heart. Upon re watching it earlier this year, i didn’t realize how intense it really is and i guess it made me fall in love with it all over again. The second was not as groundbreaking, nor was it as pure and authentic. It did provide us with a heap of cheap scares though, so i’m hoping this one is bit more like the original.


1. Nightmare On Elm Street

  • Freddy Kreuger is my all time favorite killer. The original series is phenomenal and although many disagree, i generally liked the 2010 remake. But it did fall short to the original series in more ways then one, as they tried to incorporate the whole series into one film disastrously . Hopefully this new attempt that is in talks at the moment with New Line is something refreshing yet not over the top and full of CGI like we saw with IT.



Fox in no rush to continue the ‘Alien’ reboots

According to Variety, Fox studios foundĀ Alien: Covenant ‘a disappointment’, yet they still ‘trust Ridely‘ and they understand that ‘with a universe like Alien‘ the endless possibilities due to the rich potential in the franchise means they aren’t done with him just yet.

It’s with no doubt that Fox were not impressed with this year’s Alien installment, Covenant,but we know as fans and they know personally, that Scott is a genius for creating this very franchise in the first place and that with his next film, Alien:Awakening still in the works, he has a chance to undo his work of 2017.


Ranking the 8 best monster movies of all time

Monster movies were once the most prodigious and really the only horror movies of their time during the days of the black and white screen. As time has gone on the genre has exploded with so many sub-genres that it is almost comical, and with this the monster movie idea has faded in the limelight of haunting and possession horror. Without a doubt,the Creature of the Black Lagoon and it’s counterparts will always be remembered for what they are,BUT, underneath the many many films created every year there are great monster movies that are often overshadowed by their acclaimed genre and or the fan favourite genre of each certain year. So here it is, the greatest 8 monster movies of all time.


8. Nosferatu (1922)


7. Gremlins (1984)


6. The Host (2006)


5. The Cabin in the Woods (2012)


4. The Thing (1982)


3. The Descent (2005)


2. An American Werewolf in London (1981)


1. Alien (1979)

IT star actress Sophia Lillas a.k.a Bev in must see horror short film!

In the wake of It being in cinemas, and the masses gravitating to their local theatres ,you may have noticed from your own viewing or through the web that one of the Loser Club’s most prodigious attractions was a young actress by the name of Sophia Billas. Her charcter, Bev was a fan favorite and her acting of the character personified this.

Below is a free link to a horro/sci-fi horror short film, The Garden, which she starred in this year and now with it surfacing in the popular public it is worth every second.

It’s directed by Natalia Iyudin an upcoming director that we should all keep our eyes on.

Follow the link here to check out The Garden!


Laurie strode to appear in 2018 version of ‘Halloween’

Fans of the genre and this franchise in general will be pleased that scream queen and movie star of the 70s-80s Jamie Lee Curtis is returning as her fan favourite and potentially greatest character, Laurie Strode in the next installment of Halloween

Next year there is a new version of Halloween coming to cinemas by October 19th, 2018 ‘by hell or high water’ says Jason Blum, with his studio producing the film.

Filming has just begun and David Gordon Green and Danny McBride are behind the wheel for the 2018 version.