Gremlins 3 graced with a twisted script

Chris Columbus, the man behind the pen which scrawled the first 2 iconic Gremlins movie has finished a script for the much awaited third addition, and by his reports in a ┬árecent interview, it is ‘twisted’!

Columbus deliberated on /Freak, saying he wanted the ‘twisted sensibility’ that Gremlins had.

The movie is still in the works with no other word, but we have a script, and that is more than exciting.


BREAKING! ‘Jeepers Creepers 3’ info has reached the web

In light of my recent post about upcoming horror movie Jeeper Creepers, it seemed only days ago we ad no info just an overall idea and hint of what the newest Creeper film was going to be. YET HERE WE ARE, ONLY A NUMBER OF HOURS LATER.

Sorry about the caps, but for me and many other 90’s kids, i (we) were introduced into the infamous Creeper in my early horror viewing days, and the nostalgia and terror that courses through my veins when i see the title Jeepers Creepers is electrifying. Yet without further ado, here is the latest information release in regards to the new film

It is set to e released on September 26, and will run for 1 hour and 40 minutes.


Dan Bush’s ‘The Vault’ red band clip unleashes supernatural horror

This 2017 supernatural bank robbery is nothing like we’ve seen before. So far the film has been mysterious in what exactly is different about this bank, and why this heist will be much much different to others. This intrigue is encapsulating, and a mixture of hostage horror and the supernatural is making for something unique in all of our imaginations.

The red band clip that went viral through horror streams this morning is the first real glimpse of the supernatural we have seen, and boy is it exciting.

The film is primarily going VOD but there will be a limited theatrical release on September 1. The movie stars Taryn Manning (8 Mile, OITNB), Francesca Eastwood (Final Girl) and of course, James Franco (127 Hours, Spider-Man).

Watch the full trailer here.


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