Friday Night Fright – December 8th

As we continue to count down the last month of the year, lists of greatest films of the year and continual announcements about 2018 horror will be the main ingredients for this blog.  It is a quiet time on the horror net outside of trailer releases, so without further ado, here is this weeks recommendations.


Horror Buffs: The Blackcoat’s Daughter ( 2017) – A somewhat forgotten release this year, The Blackcoat’s Daughter only gained traction once people realised that it was a much better film then those previous released earlier in the year. It’s internet growth was tumultuous once people tuned their heads in to how good this film is. The blockbuster ending makes this movie, but what keeps the flame burning from start to finish is the amazing performance by underrated horror star, Emma Roberts.


Beginners: Black Christmas (1974) – The only reputable Christmas movie to have reached any form of recognition as a genuine classic horror film. One of the very first slashers, this Christmas movie has similar pretences to Prom Night and Halloween. A must see to tick off all the ground-breaking slashers of the 70’sand 80’s.


Casual Fans: Gerald’s Game (2017) – Just one of the many scintillating Stephen King inspired horror movies of 2017, and personally we think the best. Although not entirely just one for the casual fan, as it is very integral to horror going forward and horror literature, this psychological horror is so disturbing yet so intriguing you are in to minds to look away in horror or keep watching. The film is directed so well and the screenplay makes this practically real time horror very fun to watch with someone.


Friday Night Fright – November 17th

This week we have no exact influence for Fright Night, so below will be some of our favourite movies that we haven’t suggested so far. It was a reasonably lax week  for horror, as the bulk of anticipated horror movies of 2017 have been released and ran their course in the media. In saying that, this week a great list was released online with a plethora of horror short films, so if you haven’t watched one before and are a fan of horror go see the best short horror films floating the net at the moment. Short films are highly underrated and usually contain the best bits of horror films in a exciting condensed version. Anyway, below are some of our favourite horror movies ever, enjoy!


Horror Buffs: The House That October Built (2014) – Totally raw in it’s production and storyline, this hand-held film is as creepy as they come. Hillbilly’s, haunted houses, torture and disturbing scenes. This Halloween film was my choice for this years festivities and I was blown away with how well the idea translated to the big screen. If you like road tripping friends searching for the ultimate scare, then this is no doubt the film for you .


Beginners: I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) – Much like the film below, this iconic horror film is full of mainstays and actors/actresses who stared during the late 90’s and early naughties, such as Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinz Jnr. A film that was used as inspiration, or mocked, in the very first Scary Movie, this is one of the main franchises and most well known slasher films of the late naughties. One of the most memorable horror films of the 90’s as well.


Casual Fans: House Of Wax (2005) – This standard mysterious teen slasher boasts a stellar cast for horror film standards, i.e Jared Padelecki, Chad Michael Murray and Paris Hilton and not to mention some mainstays of the genre (Damon Herriman). Although a remake that doesn’t necessarily jump out as unique or diversifying, it is full of classic tropes that will not disappoint, making it a lock for entertainment and not a chance of being a let down. Not overly scary but the intrigue behind the wax house and it’s ghost town is a cool enough plot to keep you guessing.

Top 10 horror themed TV series

Horror tropes are everywhere in mainstream TV, not to mention the countless spin-offs and franchise stemming small screen shows such as Bates Motel and Scream. Horror in the past decade has become more than a sub-genre, but a pop culture and mainstream addiction for binge-watching teens. Yet beneath the shirtless girls, love stories and attractive killers, some horror TV shows really have taken horror to the next level. Below are the 10 best series* based on popularity, influence and entertainment factor, but I don’t doubt this list is subject to change in the very near future.

  • Stranger Things, Teen Wolf and Vampire Diaries do not count as horror, as these are more drama/fantasy.



10. Tales From The Crypt (1989-1996)


9. Bates Motel (2013-2017)


8. Scream (2015-)


7.  Ash Vs The Evil Dead (2015-)


6.  The Twighlight Zone (1959-1964)


5. Twin Peaks (1990-1991)


4. The X-Files (1993-)


3. The Walking Dead (2010-)


2. Supernatural (2005-)


2. American Horror Story (2011_)

‘Jigsaw’ Review

It’s been a while since we’ve played one of Jigsaw’s games, and I am more then ok with the wait, because it made the viewing of this film that much better.

This 7 year block has been the biggest interval in the Saw franchises timeline, and with a slightly different driven narrative with less focus on the victims and more on the ‘who done it’, this refreshing take made the film highly entertaining to watch. The traps and their unique and significant reasoning always made for intriguing discussion, and with this film showcasing all the traps in a warehouse, not to mention, the new traps, including the brutal motorbike- circle chamber of death it was super cool for fans of the franchise. Not to mention, the ending which encompassed it’s gripping twist that in true saw fashion made for a memorable ending and steal of the film.

Yes, I believe that the character depth and characters in general weren’t easily likeable comparatively to prior Saw films, and the fact it was more crime than horror, the highly criticized and anticipated eight film still didn’t falter in one factor, thus living up to the expected hype. I believe the series should end now, as the ‘is he really dead’ Jigsaw ploy is deteriorating as the series does. if it does, this was a great movie to end it on.

It’s not the best Saw film, but all the saw tropes (including the conclusive music) are still there, and if you are a fan of the series,or are interested in viewing the franchise with less blood and more storyline then you will not be disappointed. Plus, Tobin Bell’s cameo makes paying the price of admission worth it, regardless of the movie’s entirtiy not living up to your own subjective standards.


The 8 best hand-held horror movies

POV, found footage, hand-held whatever you want to call it, Blair Witch brought it and the horror film industry of the 21st century absolutely bought in. Some of the renowned scariest movies of the past 15-10 years are due to the distinct type of camera  work. Series have been born out of this horror trope and the film industry in general exploded with the revolution of hand held video cameras and low budget filming experiences. This list below comprises of and ranks the best of the best.


8. The Den (2013)


7. Creep (2014)


6. V/H/S 2 (2013)


5. Paranormal Activity  (2007)


4. V/H/S (2012)


3. Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)


2. REC (2007)


1. The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Friday Night Fright – October 27th (Halloween edition)

In just under 100 hours it will be Halloween. So it is only right that this weeks super edition of Friday Night Frights will be a Halloween edition, plus will feature movies from this decade as we finished off the decade upon decade top 10 series yesterday. If Halloween doesn’t excite you then you are a long long way from home because here at All Things Horror we love to celebrate the day of the dead. So here we go, enjoy the weekend and all it’s excitement, and more importantly enjoy Halloween!


Horror Buffs: Maniac (2012) – Who would’ve thought Froddo would make such a powerful villain. At every corner you can feel his breath on the back of your neck, and the ending is purely chilling. This film went slightly unnoticed because of it’s slow approach but for those buffs of the genre this is not one to miss.


Beginners: V/H/S (2012) – Thanks to the film below, anthology horror became a thing as the decade ticked over and what a way to usher it ion then the beginning of what has become a very notable franchise. This film isn’t just groundbreaking, it holds host to some really freaky segments, and this and its sequel are directored and written by the minds behind Hush, Occulus, You’re Next and The House Of The Devil.


Casual Fans: Trick r Treat (2007) – I had to put this film in because it is a film that revolves around the Americanized contemporary celebration of Halloween. This anthology indie became a cult classic and huge influence on the production of anthology horror with it’s unique 3 part horror fest. This film is vibrant, bright and will surely give you a scare, not to mention it is one of, if not the best movies of the early 21st century. The main character is also sort of cute so don’t miss it.

Top 10 directors/producers/writers of the 2010’s thus far

It’s sad to say, but we have reached our last installment of what has been a very fun, intriguing and at times, demanding series. We have tried to compile these lists with a system that totally reflects how impactful these horror heads were over each decade. There probably have been some debatable calls, and with that, if you have any feedback feel free to comment or message us privately. Anyway, we have reached the current horror climate and although we still have 2.2 odd years to go there is more then enough horror geniuses to rank in what has been a roller-coaster decade of horror. Many millennials love this decade because it is has been filled with hand-held flicks, ghost and haunting films, and a heap of remakes that to many are their first peek at classic horror icons.  To name a few of the movies that have made headlines in the current decade, V/H/S, The Conjuring and The Cabin In The Woods are those that have gone viral in the era of social media. So here we go, the last list in the ongoing series of great horror minds , or is it….?


10. Robert Eggers (The Witch)


9.  Scott Derrickson (Sinister)


8. Sean Byrne (The Loved Ones)


7.Timo Tjahjanto (V/H/S 2)


6. Andy Muscheitti (Mama)


5. Jeff Howard (Occulus)


4. Ti West (The Sacrament)


3. Adam Wingard (You’re Next)


2.  Mike Flanagan (Hush)


1. James Wan (The Conjuring)