New ‘Insidious: The Last Key’ trailer features the infamous demon from #1

It’s name is The Lipstick Face Demon and it is synonymous with the Insidious franchise that burst onto the scene in 2010.

The highly anticipated newest addition to the franchise, The Last Key, release date is growing closer (January 5, 2018), and with a recent TV spot and now officially launched trailer, the demon which we thought was banished has returned to fuel our thrist for the newest film.

Watch below, but beware, it’s at your own risk.


7 horror movies where you root for the antagonist

It’s not often movies have you supporting the antagonist with every move they make. Naturally, some protagonists aren’t necessarily fan favourites but usually they are designed for that pure purpose of having someone to believe and confide in. Yet in the great realm of horror, some of the coolest villians to ever grace the big screen draw us in and captivated us. With their  unbelievable abilities, witty gags and sheer terror, some were actually that cool and out of this world we ended up cheering them on. On top of this, some protagonists are that irritating that we really just want to see them punished. Below is 7 horror movies were we cheered on the villains!


7. The Cabin In The Woods (2011)


6.  Saw (2004)


5. Carrie (1976)


4.Behind The Mask: Leslie Vernon (2006)


3. Silence Of The Lambs (1991)


2. Psycho (1960)


1. Freddy VS Jason (2003)

‘Mama’ was a short film before it became the cult hit feature film

We didn’t know this until recent news came our way, but yes, the 2013 film MAMA was a short film before it mutated into the film we all know and love.

Guillermo del Toro said that  Andres Muscheitti’s film was ‘one of the scariest scenes’ he had ever seen. The film once making it’s big screen debut as a full length film pushed Andres Muschietti into the spotlight and to this day has been graced with opportunities.

Watch below to see how it all started!

Powerful first trailer for ‘The Strangers: Prey At Night’ is here

It has been a substantial decade break between ground-breaking home invasion film The Strangers and it’s sequel. The 2008 hit created a great space for home invasion horror and with the vague and ambiguous ending to the first film a sequel was always in the back of our minds.

The film stars Christina Hendricks, Bailee Madison, and Martin Henderson whilst being directed by Johannes Roberts. In US theaters beginning March 9th.

Watch the trailer here.






Friday Night Fright – November 17th

This week we have no exact influence for Fright Night, so below will be some of our favourite movies that we haven’t suggested so far. It was a reasonably lax week  for horror, as the bulk of anticipated horror movies of 2017 have been released and ran their course in the media. In saying that, this week a great list was released online with a plethora of horror short films, so if you haven’t watched one before and are a fan of horror go see the best short horror films floating the net at the moment. Short films are highly underrated and usually contain the best bits of horror films in a exciting condensed version. Anyway, below are some of our favourite horror movies ever, enjoy!


Horror Buffs: The House That October Built (2014) – Totally raw in it’s production and storyline, this hand-held film is as creepy as they come. Hillbilly’s, haunted houses, torture and disturbing scenes. This Halloween film was my choice for this years festivities and I was blown away with how well the idea translated to the big screen. If you like road tripping friends searching for the ultimate scare, then this is no doubt the film for you .


Beginners: I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) – Much like the film below, this iconic horror film is full of mainstays and actors/actresses who stared during the late 90’s and early naughties, such as Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinz Jnr. A film that was used as inspiration, or mocked, in the very first Scary Movie, this is one of the main franchises and most well known slasher films of the late naughties. One of the most memorable horror films of the 90’s as well.


Casual Fans: House Of Wax (2005) – This standard mysterious teen slasher boasts a stellar cast for horror film standards, i.e Jared Padelecki, Chad Michael Murray and Paris Hilton and not to mention some mainstays of the genre (Damon Herriman). Although a remake that doesn’t necessarily jump out as unique or diversifying, it is full of classic tropes that will not disappoint, making it a lock for entertainment and not a chance of being a let down. Not overly scary but the intrigue behind the wax house and it’s ghost town is a cool enough plot to keep you guessing.

Season 1 of ‘Wolf Creek’ TV show now available on Shudder

The infamous Australian backpack killer has returned in hope of torturing more wayward adventurers in episodic style.

If you haven’t heard, the fabled franchise is hitting the smaller screen for the second time, after it’s successful 10 episode single season premiered last year on Stan. Now,  season 1 can be streamed via the TV series service Shudder as we await the next instalment.

The 2nd season will hit Australian screens in winter sometime as John Jarret returns to play  Mick Taylor yet again.

More details to come.




Shocking news surrounding the ‘Pet Sematary’ reboot

It has been dubbed for months now that the powerhouse family duo, Barbara and Andy Muschetti (IT) would continue their Stephen King inspired run and be the first ballot choice for the Pet Sematary remake.Well sorry Muschietti fans, news that broke last night has seen the Muscheitti’s fall short and instead, the team behind Starry Eyes Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer are taking the helm for Paramount.

The duo will be backed by producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Transformers).

More news to follow for this exciting reboot of the 1989 horror classic.





More news to come