‘Altered Carbon’ a psuedo-horror or sci-fi horror? Watch the trailer and decide

The horrorverse has expanded into the realms of TV in abundance over the past few years. It has downplayed the scare aspects and rather broadened the definition of what horror is,making it much more than an event as opposed to an experience. Yet with the increase in sci-fi or fantasy horror through TV, the continuum of horror in film may have been altered. Much like new Netflix horror, Altered Carbon.Taking a page out of shows like Stranger Things, this sci-fi horror registers as a horror film based on it’s dark representation of a sci-fi world, but is it really a horror. I’ll let you watch the trailer and decide.

The film will be available to watch on Netflix February 2nd.




Test screening of ‘The Predator’ has returned with mixed feelings

Over the past few days test screening of 20th Century Fox’s 2018 The Predator commenced across designated American big screens. It was the first look at The Predator, the remake of original action/thriller of the same name. This one does not feature action machine Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the alleged darker remake did come through with some divided commentary

Fans of the genre and the original film have been differed in their opinions after being the first too witness the new film, which will make the team behind the film, nervous to say the least.

It is always a mammoth task remaking famous films of days past, and usually with a divided reception like many induce into crowds, the murmurs start to cause trepidation around the film.

We here at All Things Horror are hoping that the murmurs are just that, as we are excited to witness the 2018 remake.


Netflix’s ‘Mindhunter’: Thoughts thus far

Although many have probably binge-watched the whole series already, for those taking their time, much like us, 3 episodes in and we are already intrigued by what has been a fascinating take on true crime icon’s and similarly, some of the most dangerous men to have roamed the earth. The show with it’s lack of comic relief, bright (overplayed) cameos and very raw and harsh plot’s indicate that this show wants to be as brutally honest as possible. Many of us horror fans are true crime fans as well, as there are so many parallels between the fictional and the real villains that scare us.

So far so good is what we have to say about Mindhunter, and if we are this enthralled 3 episodes in then we can only imagine how good it will be. Yet the one question on our mind is, which is better? This new hit, or True detective S1??



‘Gerald’s Game’ review

If you thought IT was terrifying, and if it led to you feeling vulnerable and uneasy then the newest Stephen King inspiration will do much the same, if not more. There have been many debates over how scary IT was, and now with it growing into meme culture, it only signifies that maybe it wasn’t really scary at all. At least none of this can be said for this film, as Gerald’s Game stood up to it’s alignment with Stephen King as a disturbing and psychologically bruising horror film that didn’t let me catch my breath until the credits began to roll.

Some BDSM to help fix a broken relationship gone horribly wrong is how it begins, but behind the outset there are layers of creepiness dug in damaged childhoods and a ominous soul that continually haunts the protagonist all the way through. Carla Gugino does a great job as lead character and victim Jessie Burlingame, whilst the makeup done for character Raymond Andrew Joubert was phenomenal. The cinematography and directing with it’s changes from first person POV back to normal audience viewing employed a great sense of despair and attachment to Jessie.Throughout the film you grip tight as each quick change from flashback to real time and between hallucinations keeps you glued to the screen.

It wasn’t packed with jump scares, with it more so the being the actual plot that made this film terrifying, which was refreshing in the horror scene today with it’s ample of haunting scares. This psychological thriller will stand the test of time and has been a gem among the mammoth releases that we have seen this year. It’s better than IT and sliding in just behind Get Out, i’d have to say it’s one of my favourites of the year.


‘1922’ upon first look seems terrific

It seems as if it’s been the year of Stephen King stories reaching the big screen. With the announcement and recent trailer of Gerald’s Game, IT being a big part of the past few months in the film-verse, it’s as if the majority of this year has been captured by Stephen King and his imagination.

1922 is another famous short story by King and yet another addition to Netflix. Two days ago we were blessed with our first look, and although sounding like a broken record and one for making grand statements too often, the footage we have of his newest adaptation looks downright intense and very much like how a Stephen king novel should play out on the big screen.


View the trailer here, and don’t miss it upon release on the 20th of October this year!


‘IT’ may not be King’s scariest adaptation of the year, let alone ever after ‘Gerald’s Game’ trailer release

IT has been a widely anticipated scare fest and undoutably one of if not King’s most terrifying adaptation to date right. Well, think again and cast your eyes towards the trailer of Netflix film, Gerald’s Game, a visual interpretation of King’s book. If you don’t believe me then see for yourself below. There is no doubt that IT is scary, but it’s thrills may not last long due to the arrival of yet the rd King adaptation in the space of 2 months.

Watch the trailer here.


Top 25 scariest films of all time

It’s hard to compare past films to those of the present. What may have been scary in 1970, is most likely not going to have the same affect on millennials who have been flooded with CGI ghosts and a load of overpowered and obscene jump scares. It’s a shame, but the current horror genre has made viewing of any film prior to the 21st century quite slow and ‘not scary’ for many fans. It’s not fair, yet, i am all in favour of being comparative regardless of the era, if it favours any era of horror then so be it. That may mean this list will not appeal to all horror fans, especially those whose first films where those in the 60-80’s.

This list will be ranked on not purely heart racing climax horror films, but those who were terrifying, chilling and purely horrific from the beginning until they left my nightmares. I’m quite a sook in reality, but when it comes to watching horror films, rarely do they am i taken back, yet these 25 films did in one way or another. These are the 25 scariest movies in my opinion.

** I am only including films i have seen start to finish (exlcuding trailers, kill scenes on other lists/youtube, or any parts i have seen etc.)

25. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)


24. Orphan (2009)


23. Evil Dead (2013)


22. Don’t Breathe (2016)


21. Grave Encounters (2011)


20. The Den (2013)


19. V/H/S (2012)


18. Insidious (2010)


17. Afflicted (2013)


16. The Orphanage (2007)


15. It Follows (2014)


14. Session 9 (2001)


13. The Blair Witch Project (1999)


12. Paranormal Activity (2007)


11. The Descent (2005)


10. Exorcism Of Emily Rose (2005)


9. REC (2007)


8. As Above So Below (2014)


7. The Witch (2016)


6. The Strangers (2008)


5. The Conjuring (2013)


4. The Last Exorcism (2010)


3. Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)


2. The Ring (2002)


1. Sinister (2012)