Exciting details for new horror flick, ‘Eli’ unleashed

Paramount and Director Ciaran Foy (Sinister 2) have come out and spoken to the net about a new and exciting horror movie called, Eli. Per Deadline, The pair spoke about the premise and the intrigue that this new scare fest will bring. The movie surrounds itself around a young boy who goes into a hospital to undergo treatment on a rare disease. The twist is the clinic then turns into a haunted hospital.

More details to come!


 Friday the 13th twitter boycott, what the hell happened!?

Only in a weird distant future did horror fans of the 60’s conceive the possibility of visceral feminists and horror fans coming together on Friday The 13th to boycott twitter.This occurred after one of the most beloved horror actress’ profile being banned by twitter. That’s right Rose Mcgowan’s account had been banned by Twitter due to her claims against Harvey Weinstein.

Her claims,or rather truths that she aired about his sexual predator like behavior has been on the back off many other recent reports to the media surrounding his behavior. She shared her story via the net and has been at the forefront of  boycotting Mr Weinstein.The aftermath is simple, once again a powerful man walks free whilst another women in the media is positioned as playing the victim. We were outraged here at All Things Horror that a beloved actress both in our genre and in the rest of the film industry could be treated this way by such a high profile online media platform.

What occured on the 13th will be another dark  chapter amongst a gloomy book, and despite not having belief in the fact some men will never overcome their inbuilt bigotry and misogyny, we stand with you Rose and will always love you for your role in Scream.


Netflix’s ‘Mindhunter’: Thoughts thus far

Although many have probably binge-watched the whole series already, for those taking their time, much like us, 3 episodes in and we are already intrigued by what has been a fascinating take on true crime icon’s and similarly, some of the most dangerous men to have roamed the earth. The show with it’s lack of comic relief, bright (overplayed) cameos and very raw and harsh plot’s indicate that this show wants to be as brutally honest as possible. Many of us horror fans are true crime fans as well, as there are so many parallels between the fictional and the real villains that scare us.

So far so good is what we have to say about Mindhunter, and if we are this enthralled 3 episodes in then we can only imagine how good it will be. Yet the one question on our mind is, which is better? This new hit, or True detective S1??



Next years ‘Halloween’ to be in an alternate reality.

It is still a year away, but when a big hitter such as Halloween is mentioned, we stop and listen regardless of the insignificance of time. We listen more intently when a legend such as John Carpenter speaks, and recently he made some comments about the newest take on Halloween, which will be released sometime in 2018.

Carpenter said that ‘it picks up after the first one’ and ‘that none of the others [sequels] we’re ever made’. He is really ‘impressed’ with whose directing (David Gordon Green) and the way it has been written (Green, Danny Mcbride). The words from the master of 20th century horror should be recognized and if this the case, despite Rob Zombie’s remakes being intriguing and dark, then this remake may be the best take on Myers since the original. I guess we will have to wait and see what this alternative film reality will bring.

More news to follow as it comes.




Creep 2 trailer!!! Watch here

We announced here at All Things Horror a few weeks ago that Creep 2 was in the making. If you are unfamiliar with the first  film then go check it out. The incredibly unique and disturbing hand-held footage film was an indie sensation when it was released in 2014, and now just a few years later the sequel is set to take us on a similar journey.

Click here to watch the trailer!

Creep 2 is set to release on the 24th of October.



Friday Night Fright – September 29th

You reckon i was busy last week,well think again, yet this time i kept myself as focused on the blog as possible. Especially with a week as busy and exciting as this. Creep 2 trailer, Jeepers Creepers news still pouring out, IT continuing it’s trail blazing debut, the horrorverse was in full swing.

I’ll be beyond drunk over the next few days due to the tigers being in the big dance, so if you arnt partial to football then here are some suggestions for this weekend. They will be based off of my series that i started this week.

Horror Buffs: Suspiria (1977) – Argento’s masterpiece with it’s vivid colours and game changing cinematography made this a standout hit of the 70’s. A must watch if you want to round out your knowledge with some older hits.

Beginners: Psycho (1960) – If you haven’t seen this Hitchcock masterpiece do you really deserve to embark on your horror journey!? Psycho, although not technically, was the beginning of the slasher genre in mainstream, or at least in indie films. It’s much better than it’s remakes and is without a doubt one of the greatest movies of the 60’s in totallity.

Casual Fans: Black Christmas (2006) – The 1970 original is good, but this updated teen friendlier version is appropriate for more ages and with it’s greater effects and much more modern context it makes for a classic teen scare fest for all viewers.

3 clips from ‘Jeepers Creepers 3’ have hit the net!

Last night in the states, an exclusive two night preview of Jeepers Creepers 3 begun and since the, despite the jaded crowd, the internet has exploded with 3 clips from the upcoming creeper movie.

The movie is set to release on October 4th, or you can wait for the VOD release in December, but either way, here you can check the 3 clips released to the web.