Friday Night Fright – December 15th

The Golden Globe’s caused a stir in the film industry as a new trailer for the famous Insidious franchise was launched. It was a pretty dull week besides these two announcements. Nothing to see her, get festive and enjoy the recommendations.


Horror Buffs: Jack Frost (1997) – Not an overly great film, but one of the most noteworthy Christmas horror with one of the most infamous festive villains. worth a watch.

Beginners: A Cure For Wellness (2017) – A seemingly unique horror movie, this jacked up version of Shutter Island made for an interesting watch. Despite it’s lengthy feel, the twist, turns and and intensity it brings in crucial scenes makes it worth the watch.

Casual Fans: mother! (2017) – Darren Ofonsoky’s vintage cinematic appeal wrung true in this psychological thriller. Despite the trailers outdoing it’s actual worth, the film was one of the highlights of a mixed year of horror.


‘Misery’ and it’s parallel affect on Stephen King

It has been brought to light recently, that much like ten years earlier with Stanley Kubrick’s adaption of his novel The Shining, Misery wasn’t exactly a film that King wanted to create/happy with the result.


Misery director Rob Reiner stated that “Here he was, a writer of horror books, books with supernatural elements to it, and he also wanted to express himself as a writer.”

Reiner goes on to say that ‘it was personal’ and the book wasn’t meant to be glorified on the big screen. He said what made the film go forth was that King trusted him due to earlier work together and that if anyone was going to avenge Kubrick’s mistakes he trusted Reiner.

The news is interesting, being unleashed in a  year were King has immortalized himself in the trans-universe of horror.

Test screening of ‘The Predator’ has returned with mixed feelings

Over the past few days test screening of 20th Century Fox’s 2018 The Predator commenced across designated American big screens. It was the first look at The Predator, the remake of original action/thriller of the same name. This one does not feature action machine Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the alleged darker remake did come through with some divided commentary

Fans of the genre and the original film have been differed in their opinions after being the first too witness the new film, which will make the team behind the film, nervous to say the least.

It is always a mammoth task remaking famous films of days past, and usually with a divided reception like many induce into crowds, the murmurs start to cause trepidation around the film.

We here at All Things Horror are hoping that the murmurs are just that, as we are excited to witness the 2018 remake.


‘Jigsaw’ Review

It’s been a while since we’ve played one of Jigsaw’s games, and I am more then ok with the wait, because it made the viewing of this film that much better.

This 7 year block has been the biggest interval in the Saw franchises timeline, and with a slightly different driven narrative with less focus on the victims and more on the ‘who done it’, this refreshing take made the film highly entertaining to watch. The traps and their unique and significant reasoning always made for intriguing discussion, and with this film showcasing all the traps in a warehouse, not to mention, the new traps, including the brutal motorbike- circle chamber of death it was super cool for fans of the franchise. Not to mention, the ending which encompassed it’s gripping twist that in true saw fashion made for a memorable ending and steal of the film.

Yes, I believe that the character depth and characters in general weren’t easily likeable comparatively to prior Saw films, and the fact it was more crime than horror, the highly criticized and anticipated eight film still didn’t falter in one factor, thus living up to the expected hype. I believe the series should end now, as the ‘is he really dead’ Jigsaw ploy is deteriorating as the series does. if it does, this was a great movie to end it on.

It’s not the best Saw film, but all the saw tropes (including the conclusive music) are still there, and if you are a fan of the series,or are interested in viewing the franchise with less blood and more storyline then you will not be disappointed. Plus, Tobin Bell’s cameo makes paying the price of admission worth it, regardless of the movie’s entirtiy not living up to your own subjective standards.


Shocking news surrounding the ‘Pet Sematary’ reboot

It has been dubbed for months now that the powerhouse family duo, Barbara and Andy Muschetti (IT) would continue their Stephen King inspired run and be the first ballot choice for the Pet Sematary remake.Well sorry Muschietti fans, news that broke last night has seen the Muscheitti’s fall short and instead, the team behind Starry Eyes Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer are taking the helm for Paramount.

The duo will be backed by producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Transformers).

More news to follow for this exciting reboot of the 1989 horror classic.





More news to come

Friday Night Fright – October 27th (Halloween edition)

In just under 100 hours it will be Halloween. So it is only right that this weeks super edition of Friday Night Frights will be a Halloween edition, plus will feature movies from this decade as we finished off the decade upon decade top 10 series yesterday. If Halloween doesn’t excite you then you are a long long way from home because here at All Things Horror we love to celebrate the day of the dead. So here we go, enjoy the weekend and all it’s excitement, and more importantly enjoy Halloween!


Horror Buffs: Maniac (2012) – Who would’ve thought Froddo would make such a powerful villain. At every corner you can feel his breath on the back of your neck, and the ending is purely chilling. This film went slightly unnoticed because of it’s slow approach but for those buffs of the genre this is not one to miss.


Beginners: V/H/S (2012) – Thanks to the film below, anthology horror became a thing as the decade ticked over and what a way to usher it ion then the beginning of what has become a very notable franchise. This film isn’t just groundbreaking, it holds host to some really freaky segments, and this and its sequel are directored and written by the minds behind Hush, Occulus, You’re Next and The House Of The Devil.


Casual Fans: Trick r Treat (2007) – I had to put this film in because it is a film that revolves around the Americanized contemporary celebration of Halloween. This anthology indie became a cult classic and huge influence on the production of anthology horror with it’s unique 3 part horror fest. This film is vibrant, bright and will surely give you a scare, not to mention it is one of, if not the best movies of the early 21st century. The main character is also sort of cute so don’t miss it.

Friday Night Fright – October 20th

That’s right, the series finally hit the turn of the century. Although many originals, and not just the movies , but the origins of them, the writers/producer/directors of those times were so significant, because without them there would be no horror genre. Yet, i digress, the 21st century brought with ti some of my favorites and not just that, a new and revolutionary take on horror that the 90’s and 80’s lacked a little in terms  of film development. Ideas may have been a little more bizarre and diverse, and with that not necessarily better than the original pioneers of the 60-80’s but the 2000’s had some great groundbreaking movies. So this weekend, take some time to indulge yourself in any of these suggestions as they won’t disappoint.


Horror Buffs: Triangle (2009) – A film that has been on my to watch list for months now, this critically acclaimed horror is  more a thriller, but behind the haze of what genre it falls into, what i do know is that anyone that reviews it has only good things to say about it. Disturbing, slow and captivating, this thriller is just great cinema from all accounts and will continue to make you beg for answers all the way through.


Beginners: Saw (2004) – The all-time splatter series. Saw is without a doubt the inaugural great splatter film in mainstream film and cinema. Despite it being gruesome and disturbingly inhumane at times in comparison to other contemporary horror, there is a story line and strong narrative driven home by James Wan and his coming out film. Saw is as important to horror as Texas Chainsaw is, and if you want to have a thorough understanding of the genre beyond films with iconic characters and delve deeper into the psyche of the mind then this is a must watch.


Casual Fans: Orphan (2009) – Just freaky. Not freaky as in ghosts and monsters keeping you catatonic from scene to scene, but eerie from the moment she enters the home. Orphan is a great story with some really disturbing and intense scenes that a times make you smirk in horror appreciation at how novel this film is. What makes it a great watch for the casual fan is, that it’s relatively short, easy to follow and full of twist and turns that keep you engaged, not to mention a great ending.