‘Gerald’s Game’ review

If you thought IT was terrifying, and if it led to you feeling vulnerable and uneasy then the newest Stephen King inspiration will do much the same, if not more. There have been many debates over how scary IT was, and now with it growing into meme culture, it only signifies that maybe it wasn’t really scary at all. At least none of this can be said for this film, as Gerald’s Game stood up to it’s alignment with Stephen King as a disturbing and psychologically bruising horror film that didn’t let me catch my breath until the credits began to roll.

Some BDSM to help fix a broken relationship gone horribly wrong is how it begins, but behind the outset there are layers of creepiness dug in damaged childhoods and a ominous soul that continually haunts the protagonist all the way through. Carla Gugino does a great job as lead character and victim Jessie Burlingame, whilst the makeup done for character Raymond Andrew Joubert was phenomenal. The cinematography and directing with it’s changes from first person POV back to normal audience viewing employed a great sense of despair and attachment to Jessie.Throughout the film you grip tight as each quick change from flashback to real time and between hallucinations keeps you glued to the screen.

It wasn’t packed with jump scares, with it more so the being the actual plot that made this film terrifying, which was refreshing in the horror scene today with it’s ample of haunting scares. This psychological thriller will stand the test of time and has been a gem among the mammoth releases that we have seen this year. It’s better than IT and sliding in just behind Get Out, i’d have to say it’s one of my favourites of the year.



Friday Night Fright – September 29th

You reckon i was busy last week,well think again, yet this time i kept myself as focused on the blog as possible. Especially with a week as busy and exciting as this. Creep 2 trailer, Jeepers Creepers news still pouring out, IT continuing it’s trail blazing debut, the horrorverse was in full swing.

I’ll be beyond drunk over the next few days due to the tigers being in the big dance, so if you arnt partial to football then here are some suggestions for this weekend. They will be based off of my series that i started this week.

Horror Buffs: Suspiria (1977) – Argento’s masterpiece with it’s vivid colours and game changing cinematography made this a standout hit of the 70’s. A must watch if you want to round out your knowledge with some older hits.

Beginners: Psycho (1960) – If you haven’t seen this Hitchcock masterpiece do you really deserve to embark on your horror journey!? Psycho, although not technically, was the beginning of the slasher genre in mainstream, or at least in indie films. It’s much better than it’s remakes and is without a doubt one of the greatest movies of the 60’s in totallity.

Casual Fans: Black Christmas (2006) – The 1970 original is good, but this updated teen friendlier version is appropriate for more ages and with it’s greater effects and much more modern context it makes for a classic teen scare fest for all viewers.

Friday Night Fright – September 22

Sorry fans for what has been one horrible week on my behalf. With an influx of work, uni and other personal conundrums it’s safe to say All Things Horror was far from my attention. But, on the back of amid week rekindling and the weekend fastly approaching i thought i’d make this Fright Night a special one.

IT lived up to the hype and as a fan of both Stephen King, his original and the news of Muscheitti signing up for many more King remakes the horror future seems extremely bright for me. On top of this, it seems that Jeepers Creepers 3 is looking more likely to rise from the darkness the media has surrounded it in, and although i don’t condone the actions of the director behind the film, i am oh so keen for the next installment. Here you go fans, your Fright Night inspiration for some weekend viewing.




Horror Buffs: Audition (199) – This Japanese film is the ultimate indie torture film that even had the Japanese screaming and running for the exits.It may not be overpowered with blood and filled with litres of it, but this ominous film is down right fucked. The Japanese make some great movies and this is one that is acclaimed to be one of the scariest, gruesome and most underrated films of  the 20th century.


Beginners: Cannibal Holocaust (1980) – Now you may be thinking, this doesn’t stack up as classic in comparison to my other suggestions, no, no it doesn’t, but much like the movie above, this film also took some inspiration from the much debated and contested idea of a snuff film. Well, this film by much of the audience ,media and those in the industry was deemed an actual snuff film, and due to the heated discussions a lawsuit was generated against the director. The director for this film was charged with the murder of animals and what not, but the scenes of actual human torture and murder was dismissed. Yet i still wonder to this day if the kills are real in this movie, hence it’s significance in horror movie history.


Casual Fans: Get Out (2017) – A newie but an absolutely extraordinary film. This 2017 hit is so far my favorite of the year and also without a doubt the best film of the year. It’s as deep and topical as a horror film can be, attracting audiences of all kinds, yet it also has some intense thrills that keep you stuck in your seat. The perfect horror movie for fans who are looking for something both easy on the eye yet also meaningful and inspiring per say.

‘IT’ Review

Bill Skasgard take a bow. The inconceivable hype and magnitude surrounding the deliverance of this Stephen King inspired reboot was something that happens only a handful of times per year, if that. Muschietti you should also graciously join the youngest Skasgard in that regard because the way this movie played out was terrifying, foreboding, ominous, dark and far from predictable.

If you have seen the original yes, obviously due to its nature of being a remake there was plenty of similarities and the plot was much the same, yet the twenty-ten spin with added effects, increased acting, and greater cinematography meant that the fanatical character Pennywise could be delivered and revolutionised into a seemingly new entity. That’s what we got and oh was he terryfing. From the begging of the film, the music, the way the credits were delivered and overall acting from Bill (Jaeden Liebrher), Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott) and Pennywise brought to us an opening few scenes that scared the shit out of us, captured us and threw us deep into the town of Derry. For fans of Stranger Things then you will be glad to know that Finn Wolfhard in his role as Loser Club jokester is phenomenal and authentic with the abundance of immature and unnecessary swearing that most children their age get up to despite it being censored from children in film. Not to mention all the boys and girl in the club putting on great performances, especially Bill as mentioned earlier.

The mixed reviews are warranted, because the horror community are a divided species, casual fans looking for a cheap scare, all time horror buffs dislike anything post the 90’s and then there are those who think they don’ get scared by any film unless it is hand-held. And yes, the film was ominously scary, but unfortunately for the most part, the fantastic and phenomenal jump scares, which were A grade if I might add, were typical in a sense. This is they only aspect of this film that lumps it in with many other scary films involving clowns, but if this is the only downfall throughout a film with so many gems then in modern horror it has done very well to avoid to many tropes and clichés.


All in all, the film that had such a precented build up didn’t surpass the hype but purely lived up to it and delivered a remake that is a dime a dozen. Rarely do remakes surpass the original, but I think this one did. Muschetti is signed up to recreate more Stephen King’s novels and from the taste we have known this is nothing short of enthralling. Pennywise continues to be scary all these years later, and I think he will into the unforeseeable future thanks to this 2017 addition.



Friday Night Frights – September 15th

What a week ladies and gentleman. This week i listened to a bunch of true crime podcasts, finished supernatural season 12 (yes i know i’m a bit late) and got overly excited for my upcoming movie date to see IT. This week luckily it’s been yet again a quiet week apart from random clown sightings and of course, a horror mainstay in the news AHS. So i guess to keep in the theme of the week this week it will feature clowns, freaks and cults.

P.S If you enjoy podcasts like me, suss True Crime Garage, Last Podcast On The Left and The Generation Why Podcast, you won’t be disappointed.

Horror Buffs: Believers (2007) –  The doomsday cult in this movie is made up of scientists, philosophers etc. The movies premise is about this group and EMT’s coming into contact with each other after a retrieval mission gone bad did i mention the writer is one of half of The Blair Witch Project!!

Beginners: Poltergeist (1982) – Another film which’s main scare is based around a clown, this original and well known haunting movie outdid it’s remake substantially and is one of the most, if not well known ghost movies of all time. If you don’t watch this then you shouldn’t be called a horror fan.

Casual Fans: Amusement (2008) – This three part anthology horror film has three individually eerie stories that all link up with an amusing ending (pardon the pun). It’s gruesome, freaky and a great indie film that many would vaguely know base do it’s poster. That said poster is of a giant creepy clown (which ranked in my list of clowns) which features in one of the scariest scenes in the 21st century.

Latest Trailer for ‘Flatliners’ features an original cast member, guess who!

The most recent trailer for the Flatliners remake, featuring Ellen Page,  featured the star from the original, Keifer Sutherland! The movies premise is not strictly a remake to a T, yet it is very cool that they are remaking this film and still featuring an original member to bring the authenticity for those who viewed the first.

The movie is set to release on September 29th, watch the recent trailer here.



Friday Night Fright – September 8th

It’s been a busy week and a stressful one for yours truly, with little time what happened n the horror world was surreal, nothing significant happening in the horror world! It looks as if it has taken a breath for me. Without further due, here are this weeks recommendations.

Horror Buffs: The Sacrament (2013) – This found footage film is like no other. Most are typical in the sense they are films that are constant in haunting/paranormal films. This movie though uses the hand-held angle to infiltrate a camp, a religious cult more so and the thrills that will come your way through this overlooked indie are sensational.

Beginners: The Omen (1976) – If you truly want to be a horror buff, a horror nerd, or claim t be the king/queen of horror then this is a must watch. The original idea and film to boost the spawn of Satan plot line. It had some pretty great scares from its time and the acting is phenomenal for a film of it’s time.

Casual Fans: Sorority Row (2009) – Fast paced, gorey, unique and brutal kill scenes and plenty of gorgeous girls getting undressed, not to mention soap suds, soap suds to the max. This frat house slasher has a great plot twist, and plenty of pop culture references for those looking for a fun and upbeat film.