‘Jigsaw’ Review

It’s been a while since we’ve played one of Jigsaw’s games, and I am more then ok with the wait, because it made the viewing of this film that much better.

This 7 year block has been the biggest interval in the Saw franchises timeline, and with a slightly different driven narrative with less focus on the victims and more on the ‘who done it’, this refreshing take made the film highly entertaining to watch. The traps and their unique and significant reasoning always made for intriguing discussion, and with this film showcasing all the traps in a warehouse, not to mention, the new traps, including the brutal motorbike- circle chamber of death it was super cool for fans of the franchise. Not to mention, the ending which encompassed it’s gripping twist that in true saw fashion made for a memorable ending and steal of the film.

Yes, I believe that the character depth and characters in general weren’t easily likeable comparatively to prior Saw films, and the fact it was more crime than horror, the highly criticized and anticipated eight film still didn’t falter in one factor, thus living up to the expected hype. I believe the series should end now, as the ‘is he really dead’ Jigsaw ploy is deteriorating as the series does. if it does, this was a great movie to end it on.

It’s not the best Saw film, but all the saw tropes (including the conclusive music) are still there, and if you are a fan of the series,or are interested in viewing the franchise with less blood and more storyline then you will not be disappointed. Plus, Tobin Bell’s cameo makes paying the price of admission worth it, regardless of the movie’s entirtiy not living up to your own subjective standards.



Top 10 horror franchises

Horror franchises are rarities, but when they are created, more often than not they are both outstanding in their field, and within the whole film industry. They usually contain a character who has become some sort of pop culture figure and or have a cult following in the masses. They aren’t always the big budget films, no, some horror franchises are derived on their extremism and individuality, which encompasses a unique following that helps fuel more creations. Below is a list of the greatest horror movies franchises to date based on, number of installations, influence and grossing.

10.  Paranormal Activity


9. Evil Dead


8.  Alien


7.  Scream


6. Romero’s Dead Zombie


5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre


4. Halloween


3. Saw


2. Nightmare On Elm Street


1.Friday the 13th

Comic-Con release ‘Jigsaw’ trailer, and it has left us with a few burning questions

Jigsaw is back, and so is Tobin Bell too some degree. The eighth film in the gruesome Saw franchise has got a release date and now, a trailer thanks to San Diego’s Comic-Con. The 8th film, set a decade after the 7th film reveals that the genius killer Jigsaw, is back.

During the trailer it is stated that Jigsaw’s DNA is found under a fingernail, although we last saw Tobin Bell’s percipient character during his autopsy in Saw IV. The speculation around who Jigsaw is for the newest addition has left us begging for more, building up the anticipation for this new Saw film. The trailer itself does just the same, showcasing a barrage of new traps.

Jigsaw has been written by Pete Goldfinger  and Josh Stolberg (Sorrority Row). Whilst directing this Halloween special are the Spierig brothers (Daybreakers).

The games begin on October 27, 2017.