Top 10 horror franchises

Horror franchises are rarities, but when they are created, more often than not they are both outstanding in their field, and within the whole film industry. They usually contain a character who has become some sort of pop culture figure and or have a cult following in the masses. They aren’t always the big budget films, no, some horror franchises are derived on their extremism and individuality, which encompasses a unique following that helps fuel more creations. Below is a list of the greatest horror movies franchises to date based on, number of installations, influence and grossing.

10.  Paranormal Activity


9. Evil Dead


8.  Alien


7.  Scream


6. Romero’s Dead Zombie


5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre


4. Halloween


3. Saw


2. Nightmare On Elm Street


1.Friday the 13th


My 10 all time favourite horror films

No, this is not my opinion of the 10 best horror movies ever, this is purely a list of MY 10 favourites. These are the horror films, critically acclaimed or not, that have given me the most pleasure and inspiration (as a writer not a serial killer  l o l). These are the 10 horror movies that i have, and will continue to watch over and over again. Despite my love for the genres origins, i know what i have listed will cause some offence to purists of the genre, but hey! if you don’t like it, go make your own fucking list. This is the only list i will be creating that is bias and subjective.


10. V/H/S (2012)


9. Psycho (1960)


8. The Blair Witch Project (1999)


7. REC (2007)


6. The Conjuring (2013)


5. Vacancy (2007)


4. The Invitation (2015)


3. Sinister (2012)


2. As Above So Below (2014)


1.Scream (1996)