Top 10 Stephen King Film adaptations

Stephen King is universally known as the literary king of horror. Not all his horror books have become horror movies, with his cinematic world ranging from dramas, to horror, and stopping in between with thrillers. Although privy to straight horror here at All Things Horror with rare mentions of other genres, today i will be ranking  King’s work regardless of genre on the eve of his newest instalment, The Dark Tower.

10. Christine (1983)


9. Pet Sematary (1989)


8. The Dead Zone (1983)


7. Misery (1990)


6. Green Mile (1999)


5. 1408 (2007)


4. Stand By Me (1986)


3. Carrie (1976)


2. The Shinning (1980)


1. Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Friday Night Fright – August 11

The Dark Tower is upon us. Muschietti’s IT has been creating news almost daily, and every second place i look, Stephen King himself is being honoured. I myself am a fan of the novelist, him producing some of my favourite books. Therefore this week’s recommendations are going to be in similar taste, so lets take a walk down the perilous mind of one of the world’s all time horror writers.


Horror Buffs: Children of the Corn (1984) – Murderous cult of children, isolated farm town, award winning, and directed by a relatively unknown filmmaker at the time (Fritz Kiersch). One of King’s earlier works that didn’t carry as much weight as some of his other big titles has a unique plot that makes this worth a watch. Not over or underrated, but a film nonetheless that is often spoke about in reference but rarely for what it’s worth. Bad-ass liberation for teenage angst.


Beginners: The Shining (1980) – This is a no brainer. Undoubtedly the most well known, fan favourite and received horror adaptation of Stephen King’s work. Although King himself wasn’t impressed with the adaptation, the visual stimuli and the outstanding portrayal of the protagonist by Jack Nicholson is noteworthy.


Casual Fans: 1408 (2007) – With celeb actors in John Cusack and Samuel L Jackson, this fast paced crime/haunting horror has a sound plot and enough of a budget to wow you with it’s appearance for a 2007 film. One of the first cinematic released haunting movies to excite and spook fans.


Easter Egg ALERT! New trailer for ‘The Dark Tower’ once again shines light on the imaginary world of Stephen King

Since The Dark Tower was announced and the first official trailer was released, the excitement and buzz from all horror readers has been fanatic. We’eve been lucky enough to have not one, but now two trailers  for Stephen King’s inspired horror movie in Easter egg form. The first Easter egg trailer payed homage to many of King’s greats being: 1408, Shawshank, IT, The Shinning and Cujo.

Today, another trailer has been released. Watch here to snatch a glimpse at the next few works of art by King that are mentioned prior to the movie’s release on August 4th.

The movie  features cult fan favourite Idris Elba, hollywood star Matthew McConaughey, and is directed by Nikolaj Arcel.