Psycho-Thriller has hit Shudder TV

Not as popular as Stan or it’s rival Netflix, but Shudder TV holds itself in it’s own right. If you are a fan well then bully for you, because a German TV Prize nominee, six part TV series known as The Valley has come your way. Acclaimed as groundbreaking and purely terrifying, this psychological thriller show from Germany is available now for you’re viewing pleasure.

The main actors/actresses are Friedrich Mücke (Friendship!, In the evening every day), who was nominated for Best Actor, Antje Traue (The Berlin AffairRossini), who was nominated for Best Actress, and Jenny Schily (Man of Steel, Pandorum). Till Franzen and Jan Martin Scharf halved the directing role respectively over the first season.

Go binge.






We have footage people! Watch the ‘Stranger Thing S2’ trailer here ASAP

Comic-Con in San Diego has done it again, releasing another trailer that horror fans alike have been waiting for. Although not horror themed in it’s nature, this thriller/fantasy TV show has touched TV fans of all genres, and if the trailer is anything to go off, then this season will be seemingly darker than the first.

Will is back, but we are yet to see the last of the upside down.

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