Green band trailer for ‘Leatherface’ not as terrifying but just as stirring

The poster’s and red band trailer is enough to motivate us to once again take a seat at the cinemas and see the Sawyer family rip through (literally) young wayward Texas travellers. And now with the arrival of the green band trailer i can say we will be even more inclined to watch it.

We know the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise’s newest will not be a let down, and i’m sure there will be that infamous aggressive chortling that will keep your ears ringing with suspense throughout.

Leatherface is due to release on the 20th October. Watch the new trailer here.



1988’s ‘The Violence Movie’ has been dug up and delivered to the public

In what seems like a surreal turn of events, a homemade movie directed, produced, written and starred in by two brothers has seen the light of day. The trailer has been released into the web and the relaunch of what was a lost tape is now a congenial  few minutes of horror fandom.

The Wilkinson brothers, Eric and David rented a VHS camera and put their knowlege to the test, creating their own horror masterpiece out of love for the genre. The Violence Movie created in 1988 was a tribute piece to the slasher genre that broke out in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

Horror fans alike can appreciate the trailer here.



Sharknado 5: Global Swarming official trailer showcases a plethora of cameos ahead of premier

The 5th Sharknado movie’s teaser trailer was brought to us courtesy of San Diego’s Comic-Con earlier this month. This horror-comedy franchise that has become somewhat of a cult hit amongst pop culture fans will release it’s 5th film this month. The premise being the protagonists son being trapped in a ‘nado as he is taken on a global trip, visiting Rio, London and even seeing the pope! Tony Hawk, Olivia Newton-John and Porsha Williams are some of the celebrities making cameos as both themselves and bit characters.

Watch the official trailer here.

The new ‘nado will storm exclusively into Syfy on the 7th of August.

Easter Egg ALERT! New trailer for ‘The Dark Tower’ once again shines light on the imaginary world of Stephen King

Since The Dark Tower was announced and the first official trailer was released, the excitement and buzz from all horror readers has been fanatic. We’eve been lucky enough to have not one, but now two trailers  for Stephen King’s inspired horror movie in Easter egg form. The first Easter egg trailer payed homage to many of King’s greats being: 1408, Shawshank, IT, The Shinning and Cujo.

Today, another trailer has been released. Watch here to snatch a glimpse at the next few works of art by King that are mentioned prior to the movie’s release on August 4th.

The movie  features cult fan favourite Idris Elba, hollywood star Matthew McConaughey, and is directed by Nikolaj Arcel.


‘The Snowman’ Trailer is nothing short of chilling

If we learnt anything from the Swedish novel Let The Right One In, it’s that Northern European crime writers have the ability to create harrowing stories that illustrate the freezing isolation of their homelands. In addition to the brilliance of their writing, they have now have an accomplished horror director of their own in Tomas Alfredson (Let The Right One In), who is back with another film adaptation that will keep you squirming in your chair right from the beginning.

Originally a novel by Jo Nesbø, The Snowman follows the story of a anti-hero detective, Harry Hole, who finds a pink scarf tied around a snowman at the scene of a murder on the first day of winter. What comes next is a mind bending chase for an unknown serial killer who leaving nothing but his calling card, a snowman. Dark in it’s nature, downright frightening in its production, this horror movie will become a cult classic, and if you don’t believe me, then watch the trailer here, of what could be one of the great horror movies of the twenty-tens.

The film is set to release October 16th, 2017


‘Friday The 13th’, wait, no, ‘Mother!’ to hit our screens a month earlier than expected

It’s been delay after delay for horror fanatics for majority of this year. Now, after months of complications behind the scenes , the newest addition to the classic Friday the 13th franchise has been officially setback by Paramount and instead they have gone ahead with Darren Aronofsky’s horror film Mother! That’s right, we wont be seeing Jason Voorhees and potentially his FATHER until earlier next year, but for now we are graced with what is a quite unknown horror-thriller a month earlier than expected .

Mother!, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Michelle Pfeiffer, is without a trailer, but rumour has it that it will be showcased this weekend prior to Dunkirk at the cinemas.

The set release date for ‘chilling’ movie is September 15, 2017.

Comic-Con release ‘Jigsaw’ trailer, and it has left us with a few burning questions

Jigsaw is back, and so is Tobin Bell too some degree. The eighth film in the gruesome Saw franchise has got a release date and now, a trailer thanks to San Diego’s Comic-Con. The 8th film, set a decade after the 7th film reveals that the genius killer Jigsaw, is back.

During the trailer it is stated that Jigsaw’s DNA is found under a fingernail, although we last saw Tobin Bell’s percipient character during his autopsy in Saw IV. The speculation around who Jigsaw is for the newest addition has left us begging for more, building up the anticipation for this new Saw film. The trailer itself does just the same, showcasing a barrage of new traps.

Jigsaw has been written by Pete Goldfinger  and Josh Stolberg (Sorrority Row). Whilst directing this Halloween special are the Spierig brothers (Daybreakers).

The games begin on October 27, 2017.