Friday Night Fright – December 15th

The Golden Globe’s caused a stir in the film industry as a new trailer for the famous Insidious franchise was launched. It was a pretty dull week besides these two announcements. Nothing to see her, get festive and enjoy the recommendations.


Horror Buffs: Jack Frost (1997) – Not an overly great film, but one of the most noteworthy Christmas horror with one of the most infamous festive villains. worth a watch.

Beginners: A Cure For Wellness (2017) – A seemingly unique horror movie, this jacked up version of Shutter Island made for an interesting watch. Despite it’s lengthy feel, the twist, turns and and intensity it brings in crucial scenes makes it worth the watch.

Casual Fans: mother! (2017) – Darren Ofonsoky’s vintage cinematic appeal wrung true in this psychological thriller. Despite the trailers outdoing it’s actual worth, the film was one of the highlights of a mixed year of horror.


‘Altered Carbon’ a psuedo-horror or sci-fi horror? Watch the trailer and decide

The horrorverse has expanded into the realms of TV in abundance over the past few years. It has downplayed the scare aspects and rather broadened the definition of what horror is,making it much more than an event as opposed to an experience. Yet with the increase in sci-fi or fantasy horror through TV, the continuum of horror in film may have been altered. Much like new Netflix horror, Altered Carbon.Taking a page out of shows like Stranger Things, this sci-fi horror registers as a horror film based on it’s dark representation of a sci-fi world, but is it really a horror. I’ll let you watch the trailer and decide.

The film will be available to watch on Netflix February 2nd.



CBS All Access is the place to see the new ‘Twilight Zone’

Mastermind behind horror film Get Out, Jordan Peele, is continuing his rise to horror stardom by directing a new version of The Twilight Zone, and it’s coming to TV, kind of.

Peele, formally known as one a half of hilarious skit Key & Peele, broke out this year with undoubtably the best horror movie of 2017, Get Out. Since than he has teamed up with Spike Lee for another upcoming racially fuelled horror and has become a cultural icon. Now he is embarking on brining back The Twilight Zone, but instead of it coming to the small screen, it will be delivered on a smaller screen, on CBS All Access.

The pilot is being written by Marco Ramirez (Daredevil).


Trailer for horror ‘A Quiet Place’ will leave you speechless, for your sake

Before you read anything more, watch the trailer!

This 2018 horror is yet another exciting horror film that has joined the abundance of films pitted to scare us in 2018.

The name and trailer work vicariosuly to illustrate that this horror will be climactic and extremely intense, as an isolated family stay hidden from those on the outside.

The Paramount film is set to be released in theatres 6th of April.


Top 10 horror themed TV series

Horror tropes are everywhere in mainstream TV, not to mention the countless spin-offs and franchise stemming small screen shows such as Bates Motel and Scream. Horror in the past decade has become more than a sub-genre, but a pop culture and mainstream addiction for binge-watching teens. Yet beneath the shirtless girls, love stories and attractive killers, some horror TV shows really have taken horror to the next level. Below are the 10 best series* based on popularity, influence and entertainment factor, but I don’t doubt this list is subject to change in the very near future.

  • Stranger Things, Teen Wolf and Vampire Diaries do not count as horror, as these are more drama/fantasy.



10. Tales From The Crypt (1989-1996)


9. Bates Motel (2013-2017)


8. Scream (2015-)


7.  Ash Vs The Evil Dead (2015-)


6.  The Twighlight Zone (1959-1964)


5. Twin Peaks (1990-1991)


4. The X-Files (1993-)


3. The Walking Dead (2010-)


2. Supernatural (2005-)


2. American Horror Story (2011_)

Season 1 of ‘Wolf Creek’ TV show now available on Shudder

The infamous Australian backpack killer has returned in hope of torturing more wayward adventurers in episodic style.

If you haven’t heard, the fabled franchise is hitting the smaller screen for the second time, after it’s successful 10 episode single season premiered last year on Stan. Now,  season 1 can be streamed via the TV series service Shudder as we await the next instalment.

The 2nd season will hit Australian screens in winter sometime as John Jarret returns to play  Mick Taylor yet again.

More details to come.




Political warfare keeping Jason and mommy at bay

Just a month ago we were supposed to witness the 13th addition to the blockbuster Friday The 13th series. Horror fans have been left clueless of the situation as there wasn’t an official statement when Paramount picked up a new movie instead.

Now, why the delay you may wonder? Well in short there is some complex political issues regarding New Line picking up the rights and Paramount owning the rights to the title even after selling the series to New Line. Not to mention Wes Craven and his nightmare series, delaying an adding confusion to productions of Jason.

It seems for now there will be little public information and really, a limbo in which we will have to wait out till the political contexts shift, until the highly anticipated Friday The 13th film is unleashed.